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Carbonio GFT

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Available Models
  SizeModelMeasures Price
38/40 (5/6 1/2)Soft80x20cm 329,00€
41/42 (7/8 1/2)Soft80x20cm 329,00€
43/44 (9/9 1/2)Soft80x20cm 329,00€
45/46 (10/11 1/2)Soft80x20cm 329,00€
48/49 (12/13)Soft80x20cm 329,00€
38/40 (5/6 1/2)Medium80x20cm 339,00€
41/42 (7/8 1/2)Medium80x20cm 339,00€
43/44 (9/9 1/2)Medium80x20cm 339,00€
45/46 (10/11 1/2)Medium80x20cm 339,00€
48/49 (12/13)Medium80x20cm 339,00€
38/40 (5/6 1/2)Hard80x20cm 349,00€
41/42 (7/8 1/2)Hard80x20cm 349,00€
43/44 (9/9 1/2)Hard80x20cm 349,00€
45/46 (10/11 1/2)Hard80x20cm 349,00€
48/49 (12/13)Hard80x20cm 349,00€
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4 year guarantee

Pair of carbono blades with footpockets mounted
The professional Subprof team is personally responsible assembly and full foot fins for them ready to use

Aero by Carbonio GFT
Aero The blade made of 100% prepreg carbon, represents the true evolution in the world of scuba fins.
Represent the best that a diver blades can offer in terms of performance.
If something stands out is its mechanical strength, fatigue, damage, flexibility and attention to detail.
New set of blades for the most demanding divers.
Made from 100% carbon prepreg and built with HF techniques (Vacuum Forming hot).
Aero blades are some unprecedented carbon blades and lighter, although not reaching or 250gr.
• Available in 3 hardnesses: Soft, Medium, Hard
• Dimensions: 80x20cm
• soft blade weight: 250g

Hot forming
The new production technology called IC (Hot Forming), represents the pinnacle of the production processes of carbon blades.
This technique provides hot prepreg complete removal of all defects and air infiltration during the production process.
This provides a perfect carbon blade.
This is accomplished by using a vacuum and the simultaneous application of heat to mold the blades.
The polymerization was carried out by exposing action in vacuum conditions of controlled temperature (responsible for the care of the resin) to minimize stress.
GFT Carbonio policy is to dare to carry out the progress, challenging the usual ways to find new ways to improve existing products to achieve superior performance.

High performance
The Aero is high performance blades as o1ptimizan the momentum created, ensuring a lower energy expenditure.
• Experience in the manufacture of composite materials
• Introduction of innovative technologies: 100% carbon prepreg
• Study applied to the production process takes into account several parameters:
• Orientation of the fibers
• Viscosity of the resin
• Heat Flow
• Kinetics
• A lot of attention to aesthetics, without supplements that can reduce the mechanical properties

This fins are mounted with the high quality footpockets by Salvimar: to see the Salvimar footpokets click HERE

We mount the Carbonio GFT blades with Salvimar footpockets, but these blades are compatible with footpokets of anothers brands. For these special footpockets you have to order it specially:
 STANDARD blade: compatible with OMER Millenium, MARES, BEUCHAT, PICASSO and CRESSI
 SPECIAL blade type 1: compatible only with OMER Stingray
 SPECIAL blade 
type 2: compatible only with C4
 SPECIAL blade type 3: compatible only with Salvimar

Improve the unbeatable has a name: GFT SUB.
These new carbon fins are now undoubtedly a world reference for lovers of underwater fishing and apnea.
GFT is a binomial of lightness and performance being the result of a meticulous study of hydrodynamic and physiological flutter, taking into account the human anatomical morphology, which allows to optimize the movement.
They combine an exemplary push economic shifts getting accurate and comfortable with the extreme quality of the material and angle of the blade.
The result is a fin that provides a major push to the force and to descend to greater heights.
We dare say that thus increase the safety margin for the fisherman or diver safety margin offered.
Do not forget the classic style, with the color black carbon noble par excellence.
Now the depth and current are no longer a problem.

Available in Spain exclusively by Subprof.

4 year guarantee

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