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Carbonio GFT

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 4 year guarantee
Available Models
  SizeModelMeasures Price
38/40 (5/6 1/2)Soft84x25cm 295,12€
41/42 (7/8 1/2)Soft84x25cm 295,12€
43/44 (9/9 1/2)Soft84x25cm 295,12€
45/46 (10/11 1/2)Soft84x25cm 295,12€
48/49 (12/13)Soft84x25cm 295,12€
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4 year guarantee

Pair of carbono blades with footpockets mounted
The professional Subprof team is personally responsible assembly and full foot fins for them ready to use

Predator by Carbonio GFT
The main feature of the Predator is asymmetry.
Its asymmetrical shape, with 9.5 cm and 15.5 cm, allows flapping legs together despite its 25cm width.
The Predator not expand symmetrically: 9.5 cm and 15.5 cm inward outward (9.5 cm +15.5 cm = 25cm).
The study of forms, the ratio of the area in relation to the median axis, the research profile and performance, make the design of these blades was not just a job.
Thanks to all this has created a shovel while reactive with little trouble.
This allows them to be suitable for fishing for depth and surface, especially in situations of strong current.
Palas ideal to optimize the effort and get better performance.
Overcome difficult situations such as strong currents and descend more securely to the desired depth.
The Predator, with an angle of 22 degrees, allowing perfect articulation and allows mounting on almost all models of full foot on the market.
Still, it must contact us for a shovel to a foot pocket that is NOT the SALVIMAR, since the termination of this can vary.
A tip: the extraordinary performance of these blades would enable him to reach depths that are not used.
Remember that the limit is gained gradually and it is an extreme sport.
Like all GFT Carbonio blades, the Predator also enjoy the benefits of composite prepreg production, giving a better mechanical performance and benefit from increased security.
The profiles are smoother transmission and high water flow, which translates into stability.
  • 3 hardnesses: Soft, Medium and Hard
  • Dimensions: 84x25cm


This fins are mounted with the high quality footpokets by Salvimar: see the Salvimar footpokets clicking HERE

We mount the Carbonio GFT blades with Salvimar footpockets, but these blades are compatible with footpokets of anothers brands. For these special footpockets you have to order it specially:

 STANDARD blade: compatible with OMER Millenium, MARES, BEUCHAT, PICASSO and CRESSI
 SPECIAL blade type 1: compatible only with OMER Stingray
 SPECIAL blade 
type 2: compatible only with C4
 SPECIAL blade type 3: compatible only with Salvimar

Improve the unbeatable has a name: GFT SUB.

These new carbon fins are now undoubtedly a world reference for lovers of underwater fishing and apnea.
GFT is a binomial of lightness and performance being the result of a meticulous study of hydrodynamic and physiological flutter, taking into account the human anatomical morphology, which allows to optimize the movement.
They combine an exemplary push economic shifts getting accurate and comfortable with the extreme quality of the material and angle of the blade.
The result is a fin that provides a major push to the force and to descend to greater heights.
We dare say that thus increase the safety margin for the fisherman or diver safety margin offered.
Do not forget the classic style, with the color black carbon noble par excellence.
Now the depth and current are no longer a problem.

Available in Spain exclusively by Subprof.

4 year guarantee

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