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  ModelMeasuresActionWeight Price
661H ONE PIECE198CM10-40grs.138grs. 90,00€
661XH ONE PIECE198cm14-70grs.193grs. 115,00€
701ML ONE PIECE213cm3-10,5grs.143grs. 107,00€
701M ONE PIECE213cm5-21grs.135grs. 107,00€
602MH TWO PIECES1,83cm.7-30rs.146grs. 90,00€
732XH+ ELEM+PIECE220cm14-100grs.167grs. 117,00€
822XH+ ELEM+PIECE250cm14-100grs.194grs. 134,00€
502UL TWO PIECES150cm0.5-3grs.87grs. 81,02€
TWO PIECES 602L183cm2-7grs.97grs. 98,60€
632M TWO PIECES190cm5-20grs.107grs. 99,39€
662ML TWO PIECES198cm3-10.5grs119grs. 109,90€
662MH TWO PIECES198cm7-30grs.135grs. 117,39€
662XH TWO PIECES198cm17-70grs178grs 134,74€
702ULTWO PIECES213cm0.4-7grs115grs 100,91€
702L TWO PIECES213cm2-7grs.125grs. 112,19€
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Our new shinjin Neo series, with a more understated aesthetic moves forward more like range. Should fill fans to fishing lures numerous techniques that can go with a quality material and amazing property at this price. Sakura arrives with great force and deploys a large number of rods ultra lengths techniques and best powers. Made from carbon Japanese "Mitsubishi Carbon» IM30T IM24T and each has a Neo shinjin action has been studied for each technique. available in 1, 2 or 4 sections, depending on the model, the rods are perfectly identified ShinjinNeo with current fishing trends, with exceptional finishes, quality in action, sensitivity, robustness and extraordinary lightness. These rods are equipped with Fuji original components: custom reel IPS or ECS as well as high-end Alconite rings based on stainless "Polished stainless." All models feature the famous rings' K - Tangle Free "that reduce tangles during the cast. Rods are great temperament whose aesthetics and design certainly draw the attention of the Fishermen will find a waterfront.

With the blank from the previous range shinjin since we had given much satisfaction. After having tested for two seasons in La Rochelle in search of perch lure large vinyl, achieving many pieces, some of  which reached 26.2 kg though, we can guarantee that this is a fishing "problem" with great power while very slight. Technical details of this are obvious Neo shinjin regarding indications and ideally placed for fishing with soft lures on heavy sinker or launch Hardbaits large, from a boat.

Designed especially for strong freshwater fishing (big baits, jerkbaits, etc.). Looking for big pike or exotic fish and Aymara elpeacock hoplias or bass. This shinjin Neo single tranche also appeal to fans fishing at sea claiming light, manageable and very powerful rods to animate heavily leaded soft lures mainly in search of cod, haddock, sea bass and sea bass.

Just as in the casting rods, we have developed two models of 7 'fans will appreciate the more technical fishing particularly when looking for the benefits of a Single Span at an affordable price. These two models are unbeatable in the practice of techniques currently used in spinning: minnows, topwaters, drop shot, light Texas rig and rubber jigs, blades, etc..

This shinjin has been specifically designed for vertical fishing for walleye, this rod has all the advantages of a high-end model but at an affordable price. Equipped with a Sakura (Kapax Alpax 2004 or 2008) Reel, composed an ideal place to practice this set technique is very effective. Very light, perfectly balanced thanks to two removable weights 10 g. This cane is based on one carbon blank IM30T particularly sensitive and very resonant permitie pass without any problem in a quick fishing prospecting 'power verticale "to a slower and accurate search in designated positions or against fish less active (strong pressure fishing, cold season). The ergonomic handle sharp EVA high density ensures a firm grip and improves the percección chopped. Allows cane cómodamentey sustain without fatigue, or classically shaped pen holder. Fuji Alconite rings of bipata near the blank, are perfectly suited to its curvature. Optimize their action and instant power transmission bites.

Reeds shinjin Neo "Big Game" will satisfy the most demanding of powerful fishing fans. We have made this range perfectly adapted to the strong fishing so they can again enjoy the feelings they have had with casting models using large Shad Alive, Magic Swimmer, Kong, etc.. These rods elongate element with a detachable handle Tailored EVA, finished with a handful of Fuji I fight, that offer a significant lever arm to reach great distances in the set while allowing baits animate smoothly. Proved at sea with flexible heavy baits on jig heads, these rods have
Embedded marine conditions without complaint. The 7'3 is ideal for vertical fishing in boat for big croakers, sea bass or pollack and bream also will fill while the 8'2 "hunters" of tuna, bonito, bluefish and amberjack and other leerfish with Casting Jigs, big poppers as Dumbbell Pop or even walkers as Stick Shadd. With the development of catfish fishing with lure, strong bet that this rod will quickly find its place among the best sellers in this segment. Equipped ring bi-foot Alconite Fuji, have a Regular Fast action blank, very comfortable for both the set, such as animation or baits during fighting with a massive power reserve.

Specially developed for fishing with small swimming fish (Phoxy Minnow, Michub) or metal lures (spoons, blade type), its semi-parabolic action optimally combines the precision of the cast, the discretion of the presentation and quality of animation lures. Walking and nervous, enables handling current and plant below vaults. The escalation of the blank ensures capacity nailed and sustaining truly amazing fish. The ergonomic handle has been chosen to ensure perfect grip in any situation and a maximum charge of the development of the lure and the faintest bites.

Recommended for fine fishing, the shinjin Neo 6 'Light has enough reserve to stop big fish. Ultralight and nervous, excels at handling small swimming fish but is also suitable for fishing with soft lures mounted drop shot, split shot ojig light heads. When the discrete techniques are productive, this is the rod with which he achieved the greatest success!

The action and power of this rod makes it the most prominent instrument polivalentede range. Recommended torque handle Hardbaits medium size, offers the possibility to practice comfortably most search techniques lure soft (leaded or weightless) or small rubber jigs up to 7 g. It provided a good reserve of power is more than idóneapara face fish like sea bass with light lures.

Developed for finesse fishing in freshwater or in the sea, the Neo shinjin 6'6'' Medium Light will go crazy! Quick and nervous, stands in handling lures and has sufficient reserves to successfully combat with large dams. Your tip action will allow you to make extremely accurate long distance hauls while possessing exceptional sensitivity. Ideal for fishing with soft lures and small jigs rubbers, but also stands up very well jerkbaits, lipless crankbaits or blades and spinnerbaits Monarc compact type.

This model is the most versatile range of powerful rods. Lightweight and perfectly balanced, standing comfortably in action Fishing and guarantees hours of practice without fatigue. Outstanding in jigging, this rod Medium-Heavy also highlights the Flexible predator fishing lure or large fish swimmer or windy conditions.

Equipped with the same features and exceptional qualities that the homologous Single Span (SINS 661 XH), this thrill Neo shinjin fishermen seeking a minimum volume for storage and transport.

With the growth of fine and ultrafine fishing by the sea or in cities, Sakura proposes these magnificent 7 '. Both reeds allow fans use these techniques optimally flexible micro-lures (AJ AJ Stick Worm and Sakura, etc.), Crispy Spide Sakura Jigs or Hardbaits looking for small gobies, scorpionfish in the maro, freshwater, grayling trout or any other fish that need your finesse action. With its very specific actions and a length adapted to these techniques, these rods have additional powers. There is doubt soon become reference between 'rockfishermen' and 'street fishermen. "Similarly, these rods will please trout fishermen in medium rivers using small swimming fish (Phoxy Minnow, Akaru, etc..) and other insect imitations (Notobug Sakura). Cañas confuse of screenprinted fabric.



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