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  Model Price
5m (50x55cm) 8,18€
8m (65x75cm) 10,07€
10m (125x125cm) 12,98€
12m (135x142cm) 16,49€
15m (190x145cm) 23,09€
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Cape anchor:
Made of strong PVC, covered with continuous interior girths so it's stronger. For boats from 5 to 15 metres.

Metres   5     8     10     12     15
A(cm)    50   65   125   135   190
B(cm)    55   75   125   142   145

A cape anchor is part of the essential equipment. It is used to reduce de boat's speed in wind and sea extreme conditions. Moreover, it can be used to give stability and direction during a drift. Appart from that, it's useful for the boat deep inside the sea or in too deep waters to anchor, in this case it's used for fishing.

Using instructions: made of resistant PVC open in both sides, includes handles in both extremes. Using the handles of the biggest opening (C), a line is connected to the the boat (B), the line must be at last 5 times longer than the boat's length (A). The bigger the anchor is, the more efficient it will be.

To pull in the anchor, use a second line fixed to the handle in the smaller opening (D)

In order to make visible that you're using a sea anchor, and to avoid that other boats run over the line, you can connect a floating buoy to the line used to pull in the anchor (E)

Warning: this is a general guide and can be some differences due to some factors like the shape and weight of your boat. Moreover, the usage for the anchor will determine proper size

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