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Supernato is a last generation hybrid crankbait that will provide endless opportunities to enjoy fishing.
It's built with two different sections, one hard and one soft.
It's created with the best raw materials and assembled by hand, piece by piece by selected craftsman.
The idea to be able to use a crankbait inside heavy cover or thick vegetation, moved the Molix staff to a hybrid solution that allows the lure to work on top, medium to deep water. in other words : "Pure fun!"
You won't have to worry about which of your favorite predator species you are targeting, just make a cast into your favorite spot and have fun.
With this new Supernato you can finally free your mind and adapt this lure tliberaro everyone of your fishing needs.
Introduce forms and new concepts in the colorful world of lures is really hard work.
To constantly innovate and propose revolutionary ideas like fishermen and fish need to have experience, passion and deep knowledge of materials and techniques of industrial development.
Molix Italian company at the forefront of design, development projects and artificial century, is exploding onto the market for hybrid lures with a product that will not stop calling public attention to the most demanding expert.
It Supernato lure, lure that grabs the name of a Latin expression which is intended to extol the qualities of the great swimmers.
It is a new model of artificial structured into two distinct sections including a hard, one soft.
The project stems from the need to use a crankbait also obstacles in waters rich or thick vegetation.
Following the classical canons of extreme buoyancy and realism introduced with the first "Frogs Baits" Molix has changed the original concept with a hybrid solution and versatile.
This allows the lure to behave desgregariamente not only surface but also at medium and high depth.
Once in the water and applying a slight pressure on your soft side, we will enter the water we need to do work at the desired depth.
Thus Supernato will become a crankbait perfect anti algae, thanks to its sheltered position dobleanzuelo.
You can explore new environments responding to the most diverse varieties derecuperación.
The Supernato easily achieved wobbling action, with sinuous swimming at water level in the stop & go, in so smoothly combed Suspending funds more intricate.
We, in fact, able to adapt our scope based on the distribution of fish in their environment, whether on the surface, suspended or put more in the background.
The silicone rubber strand in the queue, and contributes to the incredible talents of this frog capturantes hard-soft, soft-shell and will help us at the time of the pin, because the predators will take longer to discover the deception and drop .
With this combination of materials has been achieved Molix artificial movement in design and unique, but it is easy to use, to be effective even in extreme situations and places.
The Supernato is equipped with a special foreign film that gives the lure a realistic skin effect.
 • Length: 70 mm (2,75")
 • Approx weight: 20 gr (3/4oz)

*Offer valid for orders placed on until Sunday 2016-06-05 at 23:59h (GMT+1).


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