Wood spearguns  


Wooden Sèarguns available for spearfishing at the best price, models for fishing waiting, fall or extreme fishing. Customization of details in Seawolf models, being able to modify the shape of the cylinder head, head or other aspects of the spearguns.

Spearguns of wood for underwater fishing, different models available: roller, teak, handcrafted, prized for their long shots and high accuracy, very used to waiting, and unlike other materials fishing wood help to absorb the recoil of firing. They allow us to use 2 and 3 rubber bands combining the parallel with the circulars. The leading manufacturers available are Spetton, Seawolf.

WE RECOMMEND: Perform a thorough maintenance wood once a year, review and repair possible scratches and cracks into which water can filter, varnishing it again if necessary. Disassemble the trigger mechanism, review and regulate it properly.

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Price   689 - 912 €

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