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Neoprene Wetsuits

Selection of the best cheap wetsuits smooth skin for spearfishig. The Brands neoprene Yamamoto 45: Cressi, Spetton, Omer, Sporasub, Mares, Beuchat, Picasso, Salvimar, Epsealon, Seac-Sub.

Gum smooth rubber, costumes for spearfishing and freediving experienced, thanks to smooth paste you can glide better within the special water spearfishing and freediving that fishing or deep freediving. The use of this type of smooth gum costumes is very delicate already that in a misuse can be broken very easily, only recommended for experienced spearfishermen and that catch more than 20 meters of depth.

WE RECOMMEND: Gum wetsuits give us excellent performances, but on the contrary they are very delicate and you should provide special treatment, please always use SOAP and water, to remove it is recommended the help of fellow to prevent tears or cuts in neoprene.

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Thickness   1 - 7 mm

Price   15 - 604 €

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