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Available range of models and brands of carbon fins for spearfishing and apnea at the best price. Best brands: Carbonio GFT, Cressi, Omer, Sporasub, Beuchat, Salvimar, Epsealon, Spetton, C4.

Fins of carbon and fiberglass for underwater fishing, available in different hardnesses and measures: SOFT, MEDIUM, HARD / long for fishermen and deep freedivers and short for fishing shallow.

*Flap gently with the carbon models, carbon is highly resistant to fold properly, but will not withstand hits both inside and outside the water.
* Select the length and hardness of the flap based on the types of fishing practices, keep in mind that a hardness hard will be very strenuous for your ankles and soft hardness allows you to give an flutter a lot more sweet, medium hardness is usually the most acquired by the majority of fishermen

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