Pneumatic spearguns  


The best pneumatics available for spearfishing at the best price, models for fishing waiting, fall or extreme fishing. Models with power regulator and without regulator, with sealed system and of great power.

Speargun of great power, with dry head, head tight, tight total, speargun pneumatic for spearfishing, Speargun with double power or power regulator, increasingly more appreciated by fishermen more experienced since they offer us some specifications for power, load, features that are impossible to obtain with rubber rifles.

WE RECOMMEND: Fishermen you inexperienced, keep in mind that the movement and shooting from a pneumatic speargun are very different to the gums, shot much more dry, powerful and with practically or kick, the way point is different and will take a few shots to get us.

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Diameter tube   8 - 40

Price   1 - 613 €

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