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The Polycarbonate flat lens fixes the GoPro underwater focus problem

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The Polycarbonate flat lens fixes the underwater focus/blurry problem caused by the original Gopro curved lens.
With the flat lens the GoPro camera can take crisp high definition undewater video.
The flat lens is a drop-in replacement for the original GoPro housing curved lens.
It has a depth rating of up to 180ft, the same as the Gopro housing.
The lens is made of Polycarbonate resin, an amorphous thermoplastic material noted for its outstanding impact strength, superior dimensional stability, glass-like transparency, excellent thermal resistance, and low-temperature toughness.

It is a NOT ORIGINAL GoPro product

To install the flat lens undo the screws of the black plastic bezel with a precision Phillips screwdriver (also available from our store), remove the bezel and set it aside leaving the screws in it.
Take out the curved lens, there"s a black gasket that goes between the lens and housing that is usually stuck to the lens and will come out with it.
Separate the gasket from the lens and place it back in the housing.
Put the flat lens on top of the gasket, no sealant or glue is needed.
There"s only one way in which the lens can be positioned for the bezel to seat back and the screws align with the screw holes, so there"s no worry of assembling incorrectly.
When tightening the bezel screws do it in a crisscross pattern to tighten it down evenly. Do not over tighten the bezel screws.
Over tightening may compress the rubber gasket too much, making it expand into the field of view of the camera.

This flat lens get a perfect picture on R5 mode (1080P).
In the other modes appear in the image darkened edges.
Dark edges size differs depending on the camera mode.
Remember that the mode picture so all models are 720p, which always appear the dark edge.

CHANGE MODE (see attached image)
 • Press the POWER/MODE button repeatedly until you see the icon SET.
 • Press the Shutter button to enter the setup menu.
 • Press the POWER/MODE button to cycle through the settings menu
 • Press the Shutter button to toggle between choices.
 • Press the POWER/MODE button to save the option appears on the screen and move to the next option.
NOTE: The options r1, r2, r3, r4 and r5 in the SET menu appear as 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (without "r") in the lower left corner of the LCD when not on the menu SET..


To download the GoPro Hero instructions click here: www.subprof.es/manuales/gopro_hero.pdf

Non-Genuine GoPro product.
Please change the lens carefully.
Before entering the camera in the housing, test it in vacuum up to 35mt and after checking its tightness, enter your camara.
This lens does not have the warranty of your GoPro camera, for he who manipulates the owner.
It is assumed the position of possible damage to your camera.

*Only included one Polycarbonate flat lens


Now download the manual FLAT POLYCARBONATE LENS FOR GOPRO CAMERAS, and you will see all the features and services offered by the manufacturer.

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