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Seashell Online authorized dealer

100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Waterproof box for compact cameras. Compatible with over 800 models. Available in various colors


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The first universal housing for compact digital cameras. Compatible with 70% of the models.
Polycarbonate transparent highly resistant and compatible with over 450 models of compact cameras of the brands: Agfa, Aigo, Benq, Canon, Casio, Coyob, Epson, Fujifilm, GE, Haier, Kodak, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic , Pentax, Polaroid, Premier, Ricoh, Rollei, Samsung, Sanyo, Sigma, Sony, Yashica, the Seashell SS-1 is the first compact housing adaptable and reconfigurable.
Water resistant to 40 meters, is equipped with universal tripod screw which enables easy attachment plates for external flashes, 2 straps to secure it to our wrist or neck and 7 colors available.

Water resistant to 40 meters.
Innovative design patented.
Compatible with over 500 digital camera models known in the world.
Comes with kit configuration, the user can set his Seashell just in minutes.
Highly resistant case design, providing better protection from shocks, dust and sand.
Available in various colors
Size: 139,6mmx98mmx76mm (excluding protrusions)
Net weight: 380g



    Many people do not bring along with their camera to the beach or to the pool as they think that their camera shouldn’t be there. To certain extent, that’s true. One little pack of sand or a drop of water can kill your camera. So, it is not surprise you can hardly find photos capturing your happy time with your friends or family playing at water, sand, surfing, skiing, snorkeling… Isn’t it a regret? Those pictures you can see from others are taken by professional photographers with cameras with full water protection. You may not be one of them but you still want to take some of these pictures yourself, don’t you? Most of the people like you are using compact digital zoom cameras as they are compact, cheap, easy to use and with reasonable quality. 99% of these cameras are not waterproof and very little portion of them have original waterproof camera case. Some do. However, you still have difficulties to get one as no shops are willing to keep stock for the fast changing camera models. What would you do? Buy a water proof plastic bag, a low cost single use water proof film camera, or an expensive waterproof camera? That’s your choice. I came across this situation and I am sure many of you did, too. I was rather frustrated. Though, I was wondering if there is any universal camera housing for compact camera in the market. The answer was “No”. There wasn’t any. So, I started this project with a design team trying to make this idea comes true and we did. Seashell is a universal water proof camera case compatible with more than 1000 compact digital camera models from a few years back to the latest. Seashell has obtained multiple international patents and worldwide registered trademarks. Seashell is also available in various beautiful crystal colors. Seashell is definitely a high quality product with good design that you would love. Seashell is your good companion for sun and beach holiday, snorkeling, diving, swimming, fishing, skiing, boating, surfing and any kind of water sports and water fun. It helps you to capture your happy moment with your own compact digital camera. Please tour our website for the Compatible Camera List, Photo Taking Techniques, Quick Setup Manual and FAQ for more about Seashell.
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