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OMERSUB Online authorized dealer

100% Manufacturer's Warranty

This shaft guide has been designed to solve the ever existing dilemma if spearguns should be used with o without a shaft guide.


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This shaft guide has been designed to solve the ever existing dilemma if spearguns should be used with o without a shaft guide. This question has been asked since elastic spearguns have been invented.

 Omersub has therefore developed this universal shaft guide which can be easily applied to virtually all existing spearguns existing on the market, featuring an aluminium or carbon fibre barrel in diameters from 25mm to 28mm.


The shaft is manufactured in PVC by plastic drawing in water and sold in perfectly straight pieces, in various lengths. The guide features a peal off 3M adhesive tape specifically designed for marine applications. Once applied, the guide cannot be removed.

Without removing the peal off cover, apply the shaft on the speargun barrel. Use as a reference point the handle and cut off the excessive material at the end of the barrel, towards the head of the gun.




Cut the peal off cover exactly in the middle. Place the guide on the barrel fixing it with tape in three positions: towards the head, in the middle and towards the handle. Make sure that the shaft is positioned perfectly linear and aligned with the head and the handle.

ATTENTION! The 3M adhesive is so strong that, once the guide is applied, it cannot be removed. Make sure it is perfectly positioned, before taking out the peal off cover.
Remove the holding tape towards the head and take off the peal off cover from the adhesive. Proceed with the same operation in the side towards the handle. Finally, remove the holding tape from the middle of the barrel.
Your speargun now features a shaft guide which will virtually last for ever.




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