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100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Aluminum speargun with cuttlebone shape. With integrateed guide around the tube, Cobra anatomical handle and quick fire system

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Inner tube of high stiffness aluminum, coated with polyurethane mousse and cuttlebone shape, giving lightness, stability and great mobility.

It incorporates an integral guide around the rube for maximum accuracy.
New Cobra handle, more anatomical.
Mount the new ultra fast firing mechanism, more sensitive, with a stainless steel cam inverted.
This system prevents the hardening of the trigger, even riding double sling.
New line release clamp, mounted so that the thread tension against the cam of this mechanism, thus avoiding secondary parts which work against the rod and ensuring that this does not alter display shooting.
New Head Magnum.
Rubber designed to mount double independent distributed so that they are parallel and separated from each other, so no are mounted one above the other and facilitates loading for the fisherman.
 • 6.5mm rod with studs
 • Rubber Boom 19mm Circular quick dynema
 • Cushion Swivel carabiner
 • Riveted 1.8mm Monofilament

PICASSO COBRA BW CAMO BROWN is specifically designed and created for the Spearfishing

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  • Speargun Long: Speargun up to 150 cm
  • Include: Without cover
  • Fusil tube: Cuttlefish bone tube
  • Diameter tube: 28mm
  • Head: Closed Head
  • Single piece: Shorty
  • Reel: No reel
  • Diameter rubber: Apart from 18 mm to
  • Gums fusil: Parallel gums
    Picasso has always devoted exclusively to products of spearfishing, since its inception in 1986. High quality, durability and the innovations of products, make Picasso the most awarded brand in the world and the European Championships for the last two decades! Champions like José Amengual, Pedro Carbonell, José Viña, Alberto March and Rui Torres, were all 'born' teams Picasso. Picasso is now led by Carlos Osório, also world and European champion for teams of Portugal, who shall forward it to all their experience for the research of the best teams in an underwater fisherman can be found... and only Picasso can offer! When you think of spearfishing equipment, always think of Picasso freediving!