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100% Manufacturer's Warranty

75 - 82 - 90 - 100 and 110cm

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Made from nylon grade 6.6 and reinforced with  fibreglass for maximum strength. Two changeable handles for different hand sizes. Detachable chest loading . Stainless steel, mono release mechanism. Prepared with nylon thread and rubber shock absorber.
Designed for maximum accuracy. Large entrance hole for fast, easy loading.
Special matt aluminium. Antireflective.  

Stainless steel 6,5mm. 190 kg/cm2.
Articulated heavy-duty competition flat.  

Mega 19mm.

Video: how to load a speargun (829 kB)

Buy PICASSO SPERAGUN CENTURY, on Subprof we work with the best manufacturers of Spearfishing, national brands and international so that you have the best Spearfishing gear to practice your favourite sport

2 year warranty on all products of Aluminium Subprof

All Aluminium products are manufactured with first quality materials, Subprof is guaranteed to offer them so that you can enjoy your best moments when you practice Spearfishing your favorite sport.

Specializing in products for spearfishing and Freediving. Cressi, Salvimar, Omer, Mares, Epsealon, Beuchat, Sporasub, Spetton.

    Picasso has always devoted exclusively to products of spearfishing, since its inception in 1986. High quality, durability and the innovations of products, make Picasso the most awarded brand in the world and the European Championships for the last two decades! Champions like José Amengual, Pedro Carbonell, José Viña, Alberto March and Rui Torres, were all 'born' teams Picasso. Picasso is now led by Carlos Osório, also world and European champion for teams of Portugal, who shall forward it to all their experience for the research of the best teams in an underwater fisherman can be found... and only Picasso can offer! When you think of spearfishing equipment, always think of Picasso freediving!

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