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Salvimar Online authorized dealer

100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Great performance speargun with double rubbers and uncontinuous integrated rail. Available in 95, 105 and 115cm


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Voodoo Rail Open Pro, professional Simplicity
The Voodoo Rail Open Pro is a simple and advanced speargun, great performance and easily of use.
The double rubbers category Z is charged with extreme facility and give a tight shoot and precise trajectory.
The new auction Wired Torsion 2, supplied as standard, is the ideal companion to capture and fighting major preys, and the continuous rail, which is split at the top to improve your swing, provides the structural rigidity that needs the barrel.
The new barrel surface treatment Softsand is very thick, very pleasant to the touch, makes the barrel more resistant to scratches and camouflage.
• The double rubbers category Z
• Torsión 2 Wired spear
• Uncontinuous integrated rail
• Open muzzle with side fin
• Voodoo reel fixed in the dedicated rail

Technical detailsArbalete with aluminium barrel, with continuos rail, open muzzle.
The barrel is made in a special aeronautical aluminium alloy of high mechanical performance, protected by an anodization process at high thickness.
The integrated shaft guide is dissected towards the muzzle to improve the moving.
zarranged with Torsion2 Evo shaft and reel as standard equipment.
The sternal support can be easily removed also in the water.
The trigger run can be micro mechanically adjusted by the proper screw.
Dynamic line release.
The open muzzle allows the storage of several pairs of rubbers while the special profile avoid their crossing.
Available sizes: 95cm, 105cm and 115cm

    SALVIMAR was founded in 1962. It manufactures products specialized for underwater fishing. Rifles, neoprene suits, fins, boots, gloves... Thanks to investments in resources and in the development of products, Salvimar is now one of the largest manufacturers of equipment for underwater fishing. After the last enlargement, the new headquarters occupies an area of over 4,000 square meters where all departments are organized. Ideas and innovation are the engine of SALVIMAR. The working environment, business organization and a close-knit team, allow you to devote many resources for the development of new products. Often, a simple intuition becomes a project that turns into a fantastic new product that will be presented to the public after months. Another great resource of SALVIMAR is the ability to be able to control the production process in all stages:-design, starting from innovative ideas and demands of the market. -The search for the best materials, backed by extensive experience in the field of mechanical engineering and plastics. -Availability of a Department of highly efficient production, which consists of machines of last generation technology tools and equipment. -The realization of prototypes that are all changes to improve performance and aesthetics. -Laboratory tests, followed by tests in the field by our experts and athletes: a winning combination can make changes quickly and achieve excellent results in a short time. -The production, composed almost exclusively within the company, with strong know-how acquired in all phases of the project, provides a world class product
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