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Innovative aluminium speargun with integrated spear guide seat and a muzzle that facilitates the aiming. Available in 75, 85, 95 and 105cm.

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 • Barrel: i barrel in aluminum alloy with integrated spear guide seat and camouflage treatment by sublimation.
 • Double muzzle: allows mounting of parallel elastics or a circular elastic.
 • New Alligator Series colouring: Ideal for fishing in surf.
 • Handle: new anatomical handle with open visibility for quick aiming.
 • Line release trigger and safety in high-strength, shockproof Nylon.
 • New Alligator Series colouring: Ideal for fishing in surf.
 • Triggering device: in Stainless Steel, laser cut with added antifriction polishing of every single component.
 • Sling: “Premium Quality Latex” sling with special black coating to improve resistance against abrasions and UV rays.
 • Muzzle in aluminium alloy with integrated arrow guide and camouflage treatmentz.
 • New Alligator Series colouring: a series of products with combinations of colouring, camouflage and solid colours, ideal for fishing in surf.
 • Release box in charged technopolymers and stainless steel triggering mechanism


 • Diameter 17,5 mm.
 • Shaft: in 17-4-PH stainless steel with 6.25 mm diameter.
 • Comes with: High-strength Nylon line, Ø 1.40 mm.
 • Optional: Reel for Twin Thunder sling guns.
 • Nylon line, according to diameter, up to 25 mt.
 • Adjustable system to facilitate the rolling up.

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  • Speargun Long: Speargun up to 100 cm
  • Include: Without cover
  • Fusil tube: Standard Tube
  • Diameter tube: 17, 5 mm
  • Head: Closed Head
  • Single piece: Shorty
  • Reel: No reel
  • Diameter rubber: Up to 18 mm
  • Gums fusil: Parallel gums
    Today Seac is certainly a company of reference in the field of scuba diving and spearfishing. Founded in 1971 by an idea of Marco Arata, recently - thanks to the support of his son Daniele - has undertaken an important strategic renewal on several fronts: from the enrichment of production lines to the expansion of the corporate flow chart, from the repositioning of its image to the technological evolution in the production.