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Marlin Prestige Wetsuit by Beuchat. Hooded jacket and High Waist Pants. Black and seaweed colour. Available in 5mm

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Beuchat Objective:
To design a top of the range multi-purpose spearfishing wetsuit.

Aimed at:
Spearfishers who require an extremely flexible wetsuit offering thermal protection and a design which blends in without necessarily being camouflaged.

 • Ultra soft Elaskin neoprene
 • Silk-screen printed in matching tones to blend in with the ocean depths
 • Reinforced knees and chest in 3D sculpted design to mimic the ocean depths
 • Original design

Two piece suit for intensive freediving and spearfishing.
Hooded jacket and Long John (5mm or 7mm) Ultra soft "Elaskin" Neoprene for increased comfort and freedom of movement.
Neoprene lined for a more constant temperature

Black and seaweed colour for the 5mm suit
Black and rust colour for the 7mm suit
Silk-screen printed in matching tones to blend in with the ocean depths

High quality anatomical and preformed cut "Flex System": preformed and embossed in the knee and elbow areas for wider range of movement.
Seamless flex panels in joint areas to reduce friction (shoulders, knees and elbows).
Preformed lumbar curve and beaver tail for a closer fit Preformed "beaver tail" for increased comfort with plastic clips

Oversized Supratex reinforcements (a material combining abrasion resistance and flexibility) covering the elbows, knees and chest, offering greater resistance and flexibility.
Comfort embossed on knees and chest with raised pattern (+2mm) to mimic underwater rocks.

Thinner face seals (-1mm) with a seamfree area around the face for greater comfort, water-tightness and resistance.

Finishing touches:
Flatlock seams finished on the outside.
Whipstitch edges for increased flexibility.
Lower edge of jacket finished for increased durability upon removal.
Thin wrist and ankle seals with "Easy Wave System" and finished assembly seams (ends of assembly seams cut at 45°) for increased seam flexibility and resistance during entry and exit.

Sizes : S - M - L - XL

1 XS 166-171 84 72 84
2 S 171-176 92 78 90
3 M 176-181 100 84 96
4 L 181-186 108 90 102
5 XL 186-191 116 96 108
6 XXL 191-196 124 102 114
7 XXXL 196-201 132 108 120


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  • Thickness: Up to 5 mm
  • Suit man/woman: Man Suit
  • Pants: Pants with suspenders
  • Reinforcements: Total
  • Beaver tail: Hooves
  • Waterproof finishes: Not
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