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Action camera lightest performance exceptional Full HD world in only 90 g in weight.

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Is the action camera lightest performance exceptional Full HD world in only 90 g in weight.
Camcorder that combines a sophisticated technological heart with extreme ease of use,
Chosen by professional extreme sports.

A single button for instant recording

Located on the top and large and can operate it even with gloves

Simple adjustments can be made

directly through the switches located on the rear of the chamber

Indications intuitive

all indications that are needed are synthesized in the 3 LED : battery status , memory and camera

You do not need instructions

Simple , immediate and intuitive . Once on your hand , it is hard to go back

Portable and ergonomic

By design , it is very easy to mount anywhere, even on your side. It also includes the standard threaded cameras

Compact and very light ! Robust and reliable

XTC280 action camera is the lightest Full HD world . Outstanding performance at only 90 g in weight .

Wide range of accessories

To cater to any user

Packaging and codes

Transparent box with 1 camera, 60m waterproof case , 2 fastening systems, Li -ion battery 3.7 V 900 mAh , USB cable .


To complement the product MIDLAND XTC 280 CAMERA have all compatible accessories also available for purchase.

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