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3mm - 5mm

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For this Omersub suit in collaboration with the Team Omer has studied an exclusive, ideal mimetical design for  the lookout fishing. The preferable blue color of this suit allows the fisherman to mimicry perfectly with the submarine atmosphere. In all the situations of fishing of slopes or in the foam. In order to assure the Maximum heat capacity the used neopreno is microporous in the interior. The suit Ocean Mimetic, available in 3 and 5mm, takes place from the stature 2nd  to the 7th one.

Omersub camouflage suits are made with a very soft neoprene, Nylon jersey outside and open cell in the inside. The technical characteristics are very similar to a standard Nylon/Cell neoprene suit manufactured with the best neoprene materials.


Neoprene Type

Camouflage 6 colors outside and open cell inside

Stretching Ability


Breaking Under Traction

15 Kg per cm2

Resistance toTtear

10 kg per cm2


0.23 g per cm3

Water Absorption

Max of 3% on the total weight of the suit


At 70°c for 24 hrs, max of 3% shrinkage

Max Compression

For a period of 22 consecutive hours, at 20 m and 25°C, maximum compression is 50%.

Elastic Return After Compression

After a period of 22 consecutive hours, at 20 m and 25°C, with a 50% compression, it returns to the original status in 20 hrs.


TECHNICAL FEATURES: Both suits are cut in the same fashion, with reinforcements in Small Diamond Nylon on the knees and the elbows. The belly part is manufactured with double lined Nylon. The pants are a classic long john and the jacket features Omer standard plastic buttons. But the long John top part can be cut away easily, for all those who do not like this fashion of pants. In the chest area, there is a reinforcement to protect the suit when charging the gun.

All crossing points are reinforced with nylon circular dots which are hot melt glued. These ensure better resistance of the sewing in the most delicate parts of the suit.

WARNING: Because the inside of the suit is entirely made in open cell neoprene, it is advisable to pour some soaped water in the inside before wearing it. This will ease the dressing operation, greatly reducing the risk of damaging the suit. 


Height (cm) / Inches Weight (Kg) / Pounds Size
160 / 63" 60 / 132 2 (XSM)
170 / 67" 70 / 154 3 (SM)
175 / 69" 75 /165 3L (SM-LONG)
180 / 71" 80 / 175 4 (MEDIUM)
185 / 73" 85 / 187 4L (MEDIUM-LONG)
190 75" 90 / 198 5 (LARGE)
195 / 77" 95 / 209 5L (LARGE-LONG)
200 / 79" 100 / 220 6 (EXTRA LARGE)

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