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Picasso Master Power fins with Green camouflage!

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Foot pocket with a special and new natural rubber mix, very soft and comfortable on the foot, but harder in the sole, to transmit all the power needed to push the blade.

Foot pocket like SPEED fins, but with harder side rails and harder upper part.
Blades in medium hard Tecnopolymer Reactive, fast and powerful, are ideal for deep diving when fishing with a boat.
It is the advised model for divers using a lot of lead and all the harder blades fans.
Available black and mimetic green, brown or blue.
95 cm

Subprof has specialized equipment in Spearfishing which to selected this product PICASSO MASTER POWER GREEN CAMO FINS recommending the use of Spearfishing

Subprof shop online specializing in products and accessories for Spearfishing

2 year warranty on all products of Carbon and fiber Subprof

Specializing in products for spearfishing and Freediving. Cressi, Salvimar, Omer, Mares, Epsealon, Beuchat, Sporasub, Spetton.

  • Foot Pocket: Modular Foot Pocket
  • Fins Color: Color Camouflage
  • Fins Long: Long fins
  • Hardness: Hard
    Picasso has always devoted exclusively to products of spearfishing, since its inception in 1986. High quality, durability and the innovations of products, make Picasso the most awarded brand in the world and the European Championships for the last two decades! Champions like José Amengual, Pedro Carbonell, José Viña, Alberto March and Rui Torres, were all 'born' teams Picasso. Picasso is now led by Carlos Osório, also world and European champion for teams of Portugal, who shall forward it to all their experience for the research of the best teams in an underwater fisherman can be found... and only Picasso can offer! When you think of spearfishing equipment, always think of Picasso freediving!