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Boomblast fins by Salvimar. Carbon fins camouflaged by PixelCamu

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The only blade able to make you fly in the water! Word-of Massimo Quattrone!

Technical detail
Made of mixed fibres of high module and polymerized at very high pressures, its structural compactness is unequalled.
Its bending is a parabolic curve that changes following the intensity of the blade’s movement so that it is possible to calibrate the elastic reaction on the moment needs.
The special tail profile makes the blade remains stable avoiding the typical “derapage” effect of the carbon blades, so it is not necessary to insert the channelling edges that reduce the elastic reaction.
The exclusive fixing to the footpocket assures a perfect energy transmission for a fluid and efficient movement.
The exclusive Pixelcamu cover is able to conceal the spearfisher on every sea bed and even afloat.

by 4NE
A totally Italian idea and manufacturing for a leading product.
4NE have made a superior quality product with surprising performances thanks to the support and experience of a company leader in the field of compound materials manufacturing that has believed in their project and developed it with they.
High technology materials and avant-garde manufacturing make Boomblast solid like a stainless steel sheet, thin and reactive like a spring.
Great efforts in the material calibration have produced a sheet less then 1 mm thick which shows the right flexing curve and the strongest elastic return.

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