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Speargun with a exclusive innovative head made by Beuchat. Provide greater impetus along entire box to increase the presition and power. Available in 85, 95, 105 and 115cm.

Measures of speargun Price
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Combining exceptional performance Revo Concept and carbon.

Beuchat exclusive innovative head pulleys which has associated with the elastic bands and the bottom grip.
Provides a greater impetus along the entire box to increase the precision and power , which greatly increases the speed of the arrow.
Also substantially reduces recoil when firing.

 • Carbon tube with progressive and comprehensive guide for accuracy.
 • Marlin butt with high end spool holder and stainless steel reversible largahilos right and left.
 • Cocept REVO head with ball bearing pulleys with locking system of the arrow QRS.
 • Arrow 7mm diameter Super Steel high-strength steel fin Offshore and equipped with a sliding.
 • Megatone rubber bands 17mm diameter fast rides with Spectra.
 • 1.8mm black monofilament.
 • OffShore red silicone cushion.
 • Output speed of the arrow : 42 m / s.

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  • Speargun Long: Speargun up to 150 cm
  • Include: Without cover
  • Fusil tube: Spherical tube
  • Diameter tube: 28mm
  • Head: Closed Head
  • Single piece: Shorty
  • Reel: No reel
  • Diameter rubber: Up to 18 mm
  • Gums fusil: Circular gum
  • Speargun guide: With Guide
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