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Graphite Speargun by C4. Carbon speargun with cuttlefish shape. Available in various sizes



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  • Material: T700 Carbon Megaforce
  • NJC System (No Joint Construction)
  • Form: cuttlefish
  • Dimensions: 83, 99, 116 or 132cm
  • Includes: Reel MPL55 and bag
  • NOT Included: Slings, spear, whisbones, nylon

 • Quick sling 17/18mm
 • Spear 6,5mm EuroShark
 • Wishbone Eureka dyneema
 • Nylon and ribbons 1,60mm
 • Bag

Graphite: unlimited efficiency.
Graphite is an elegant design speargun, an exclusive product fruit of years of study and researches.
It is intended for people fond of technology at art level, people who can recognize technology at top level.
The homogeneity and fluidity of movements under water makes the lining up of Graphite to a moving target very easy, quick and effective.

Graphite is the exaltation of total control, a concept of ergonomic interaction man-tool on which C4 has been working from over a decade with unchanged conviction.
Nothing makes us efficacious under water as much as instantaneous moving"s control .
Graphite is a 100% Megaforce T700 carbon fibre monocoque with the peculiarity of integral system SHAFT - SLIDER in full carbon.

The exclusive SHAFT – SLIDER, completely flat and linear in contact with the shaft, gives precision and minimum frictions.
The shaft rests on it exclusively on an exact theoretic line, avoiding torsions motion due to accidental contact points between matched surfaces that with frictions and the high speed of shaft, generate less exact trajectories.
SHAFT – SLIDER makes the speargun versatile, suitable for every type of shafts on the market.

Never a speargun reached the minimalism of Graphite "s muzzle, equipped with the new TWIN - ARM system for circular bands.
TWIN – ARM allows the set up with one or two circular bands kept parallel with the shaft in order to change all energy into speed.
The two arms of TWIN – ARM allow a small lateral section of carbon body, with full advantage for handling.
TWIN - ARM allows also the elimination of traditional holes for the passage of circular bands and the not less bulky protrusions, in a zone where the structure volume provokes a high loss of handiness.

Without, we reach the best handling.
For a better control Graphite is equipped with C4 anatomical adjustable handle, available in two sizes either for right or left-spearos and with the exclusive and efficacious easy loading system through a removable screw.
No more problems in loading long spearguns with the easy loading system by C4.
Thanks to the small and big handles the thickness" change for summer and/or winter gloves will no more create problems of adaptability.

The adaptability is at highest level.
Intended for multiple setting, Graphite is a very versatile speargun and works well either with single or double circular bands.
Its mass is fitted also for heavy set up and its shapes allow its lining up to the target without visible effort.
Graphite is equipped with the hair and tested C4 trigger mechanism, an exclusive and special mechanic in AISI 316 that in the time has defined new standards.
Graphite is made up in complete and indissoluble monocoque structure of Megaforce T700 carbon fibre, totally hand-worked.
Carbon structure made by the exclusive moulding system NJC (No Joint Construction) has got a high solidity, does not require maintenance, is stable in the time and does not change in dimensions.

To complement the product C4 GRAPHITE SPEARGUN have all compatible accessories also available for purchase.

Subprof more than 2,000,000 satisfied customers have bought around the world.

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  • High: 101.00
  • Volumetric weight: 3.60
  • Speargun Long: Speargun up to 150 cm
  • Include: With Cover
  • Fusil tube: Cuttlefish bone tube
  • Diameter tube: 17, 5 mm
  • Head: Closed Head
  • Single piece: Shorty
  • Reel: With reel
  • Diameter rubber: Up to 18 mm
  • Gums fusil: Parallel gums
  • Speargun guide: With Guide
    The first pieces were made frames and forks racing. To accomplish this, always C4 uses its own molding system of carbon structures that called NJC, No Joint Construction, which allows the realization of hollow structures printed without joints. The onset of C4 chassis, the car racing, took place in May 1987, Bianchi racing team participated in the time trial stages of the Giro d 'Italy fitted with frames and forks designed and manufactured by C4. These frames were a world preview for some special features such as, full carbon monocoque construction without joints, the frame without seat tube, seat post with adjustable allowing only three frame sizes to cover all the steps, front fork monocoque carbon. At the Cycle Fair in Milan October 87 the first spoked wheels in the world, designed and built by C4 were put on display in a bike made by a famous Italian manufacturer, in collaboration with a car manufacturer. Cologne Trade Fair 1992 was presented an innovative frame with monocoque carbon wishbone front and rear aluminum tubes glued directly to the press, this is a technique that uses C4 for all gluing on the frames since 1989. In 1992, C4 realized the first fin in the world carbon fiber upsetting the underwater environment apnea for incredible performance. E 'of 1992, the first world record in constant weight freediving fins C4 with Umberto Pelizzari. Since then, these fins, more and more advanced, have become indispensable for records in apnea in constantly, so as to equip holders for years men and women of this discipline. The Fair in 1993 was presented by C4 a new bike, model 47.61 before racing bike high performance by using a specific design of the whole lets you cover all sizes of rider from size 47 to 61 so far. In the year 1994 C4 is the primary sponsor of a team of pro riders, the team Polti among others, Gianni Bugno and Ivan Gotti. As a result of this experience was created and presented at the fair in Cologne in 1996, the frame CLASS, the first in the world to break the kilogram to a real frame of production. The performance of the objects that produces C4, are for Marco Bonfanti, owner and designer of C4, the primary objective, so in 1998 introduces in diving fins FALCON that thanks to the great experience accumulated in the records and with the carbon fibers present with dimensions different from what has been a standard for years, increasing the yield, compared to the previous carbon, more than 20%, result from enshrined amazing new world records.
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C4 GRAPHITE SPEARGUN : Model - Mounting Kit 2 (Double Sling), Measures of speargun - - 2 -5.5%
C4 GRAPHITE SPEARGUN : Model - Mounting kit, Measures of speargun - - 2 -5.5%
C4 GRAPHITE SPEARGUN : Model - -, Measures of speargun - 132 cm 2 -5.5%
C4 GRAPHITE SPEARGUN : Model - -, Measures of speargun - 116 cm 2 -5.5%
C4 GRAPHITE SPEARGUN : Model - -, Measures of speargun - 99 cm 2 -5.5%
C4 GRAPHITE SPEARGUN : Model - -, Measures of speargun - 83 cm 2 -5.5%