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Spetton Online authorized dealer

100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Spetton Online authorized dealer

100% Manufacturer's Warranty

100 - 110 and 120cm


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Gun with RTM manufacturing technology used to construct Formula 1 spoilers and mobile parts key for the aeronautical sector. There are only three European manufacturers using this technology in their production.

The CarbonForm gun with its well-known semi-oval shape - like the traditional wooden guns - provides easy handling and is 7-10 times less heavier. As the volume is the same one but with much lower weight, its recoil is minor or even zero. In short, this is a gun designed to luking with a weight in water of 19g and with the same recoil as a heavier wooden gun - which is also more difficult to handle. Can you believe it? ... It"s Demka!

Besides, the new CarbonForm includes a new Demka reel - only included in the set - providing much quicker rotation, more stress on the spring - with less decline - and with a special new look!

Spetton gun-carrier bag and Demka nylon line kit with shock absorber and rivets included.


- Anemos double-rubber system
- ALS open head with double line loop
- Demka handle (see Features)
- Semi-oval, 100% carbon barrel
- Barrel with integrated full rail

Video: how to load a speargun (829 kB)

  • High: 150.00
  • Speargun Long: Speargun up to 150 cm
  • Include: Without cover
  • Fusil tube: Spherical tube
  • Diameter tube: 28mm
  • Head: Open Head
  • Single piece: Shorty
  • Reel: With reel
  • Diameter rubber: Up to 18 mm
  • Gums fusil: Parallel gums
  • Speargun guide: With Guide
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