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BAJO EL MAR DVD (Under the Sea)

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Under de sea, Spearfishing Feelings with Toni Bosch. 60-minute documentary in Spanish with incredible images of groupers, dentex, yellowtail and other species



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BAJO EL MAR DVD (Under the Sea)

A 60min documentary duration with voiceover explaining 4 techniques we practice many of us, fish under stones, waiting in the background, stalk our prey and less accessible to many large-bottom fishing where we are with more species appreciated that we have in Balearic, a factor that disadvantage us yet we lead is super clean water having days with 40m visibility. In the video we can distinguish three parts, the first fishing hole, waiting and watching where the images are obtained between 10 and 26m, color and light in this fund make every catch is very nice, characterizing this part as fishing cliff, deep fishing elsewhere with images obtained between 30 and 35m, capturing mainly adult specimens of grouper, including deep-water species, and the third a few minutes of defense as spearfishing still continues to criticize the art of being unquestionably more selective fishing. The documentary is filmed largely on the island of Menorca where every shot is a pleasure since it plays Dificultat fish in those waters to miss one of the places where most champions forged an even it may seem easy to make screenshots People should not confuse beginners and that to achieve these pieces and these dimensions are needed many years. Thanks to the collaboration of www.subprof.com in which all the material on this site been aquirido with carbonio gft that carbon blades offered an echo possible to dispose of this documentary which meant a year and a half working . Those who purchased the film an so far are quite liked them to encouraging me to take the second part, by purchasing the film more than pay for the video itself will be collaborating to enable future documentaries since nowadays are getting very few due to the enormous work involved besides the expense, time and health as people opt for quicker and illegal means for viewing.

Grouper, bream and yellowtail and other species are protagonists of this documentary, where Toni Bosh, a true addict of this sport, show us four disciplines devoted to capture these difficult species that inhabit the waters of the Balearic Islands.
In the video we can see up to 4 disciplines, 4 disciplines shown in detail from the point of view of the fisherman:
 • The hole
 • Pending
 • Stalking
 • Deep Fishing
The apparent ease with which you make deep cuts people should not confuse beginners.
The realization of these are achieved with a continuous train hard and, with the passage of time which will allow us to more meters down.
 • Duration: 60 minutes
 • Language: Spanish
 • Format: DVD o Full HD

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BAJO EL MAR DVD (Under the Sea)
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