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Heat-sealed PVC bag virtually 100% waterproof. With the drainage system. Dimensions: 95x45x35cm

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Cressi Gorilla bag is the professional bag by Cressi.
It is made of durable PVC heat-sealed, so it is virtually 100% waterproof and, therefore, very convenient not to wet the trunk.
Has two strong handles welded on each end, very useful for transportation, especially when the bag is heavily loaded, and a loop-strap system with snap and accessories that allow loads especially resistant very important.
The zipper is YKK © plastic (like costumes) and is covered by a flap with Velcro ©.
Has a unique and practical system of waste water drain located at one end.
Its size is ideal for a complete team including even the longest fins diving or apnea.
 • Dimensions: 85x35x45cm


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  • High: 90.00
  • Volumetric weight: 6
  • Bag type: Bag
  • Capacity: Small
  • Bag Capacity: Small
  • Bag material: PVC Bag
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