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New product by Carbonio GFT the SOLETTA n.e.d. (no energy dispersion) by Fabrizio D"Agnano


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Soletta n.e.d. (no energy dispersion) by Fabrizio D"Agnano  - Carbon GFT
Soletta ned (no energy dispersion)
by Fabrizio D"Agnano founder of TOTEM sub and active operator SKY channel "hunting and fishing"
Idea absorbed immediately, because it is based on the perpetuation of the best acquisitions in technical matters.
SLAB ned attached to the shoes and shovels SLIPPERSGFT con3 screws, the two traditional, front, at the height of the fingers and, in addition, a third screw about half of the foot, which helps to combine everything.
INSOLE ned was created to reduce the bending of the shoe during the pinnata and, therefore, to make the gambata much more profitable, improving the traditional lever the thrust up to coincide with the same length of the foot, ie up to the heel, while, normally , in traditional fins, the same lever comes to no more than half of the foot.
SLAB ned is a factor "decisive" that can radically change the characteristics of the product, the perception of the length of the fin increases to heel, makes nonexistent losses of strength, in which a model NORMAL are determined by the bending of the shoe; Therefore, the angle of bending during gambata is always that generated its highest arc of curvature below I force, without having that extra tilt generated partial bending of the shoe in the mail soon after the end of the blade.
This factor, which gives rise to a greater apparent stiffness of the blade, stiffness which is actually just the effect of the increased effectiveness of pinnata, the substantial lengthening of the fin to the heel ends fatally for "download" the foot and its muscles Every effort.
REFLECTION: How many times with a traditional fin, trying (more or less voluntarily) to compensate for the decline of the shoe with the strength of the muscles of the foot (both the front and orthotics) pushing hard with the front and, even with the fingers.
Moreover, in the production of sports shoes the insertion of the plantar (also CUSTOM) is a factor of well-established,
talking about fins, PALA-LINER-SLAB ned is nothing more than an extension of the leg, no dispersion of the force applied, then discharged on the fin.

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