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Select products from the catalogue


Products listed by categories


On the left side of the screen appears a menu with the main categories of the Catalogue through which you can access directly. To do this simply click on the arrow or the name of the category and all of the families, will appear on the main screen from where you can easily access to different products in this family.

Quick search for a product


A call option appears on the left side of the screen To findThis option allows us to make locating all references containing the word or string of words entries, introduced once the chain to search, click on the button To find or press the key Return on your keyboard to view the results on the central screen.

You can also use the option Search by brands. Doing so will automatically display a menu featuring all brands that exist in our catalog.

Advanced search for a product

This option, which is accessed by clicking on the icon Advanced search located on the navigation bar (top), allows us to locate a reference using a series of conditions: search for matching words, search by name of product or description, search by manufacturer, search within a particular category, search by price or by date, etc. The result will be presented in the central display.

Expand the information of a product


Once appear listings of products, well using the categories or search, menu on the main screen, click on the image or product name to see the item card that contains detailed information of the same:

  • Photography expanded main
  • Up to 6 additional photographs with magnifications
  • Regular price and offer price
  • Link to manufacturer page
  • Link to the product from the manufacturer's web page
  • Possibility to sign up for product announcements
  • Reviews and evaluation of the product made by other customers
  • Description and technical characteristics
  • Options available for that product (E.g.: size, color, etc)

My basket


Basket contains products which acquires during his visit by the store. You can add, modify, or remove products from your basket as many times as you want, also, if you are a registered user and leave your purchase without end, you can retrieve it automatically on your next visit just going through the process of identification.

The basket contains also a simulator that allows you to calculate the shipping cost of your order. If RV is a registered user, this calculation will be done with the address chosen from among which contains your "address book" stored in your account.

Add products to your basket


1st. From the listings you can add directly a product unit by pressing the button located under the column Buy now.

2nd. From the item card, click on the button Buy.

Delete / modify a product from the basket


To delete a product, check the select box that appears under the column Remove and press Update basket

To modify the number of units you want to purchase a product, change the number that appears under the column Quantity and press Update basket


Purchase process



To complete the buying process you should follow and accept the 4 steps of which it consists and which we describe below.

VD can go back or abandon the process at any time.
VD can sign up as a registered user and NOT make any purchase.

If you are a new customer

If this is the first time that purchase in our shop before will have to register as a user, so you must press the button Continue from the left hand side under the title New customer, and filling out the form below with the title My account information.
Once filled all the data in the form, please read the disclaimer at the bottom, and press the button Continue to create your account. The display will show all the data of your account, which you can consult and modify at any time.

Now that you are already registered you can start the process of purchase of the products stored in your shopping cart, by clicking on the button Place order bar in navigation, or in your basket.

If you are already a customer


If you are already a registered user, you simply put your email and password and click on the button"Login", will automatically appear with your account information.

To start the process of purchase of the products stored in your basket, click on the button Place order bar in navigation, or in your basket.

Step 1: Sending data


On the screen it will show you the address of delivery stored in your account, if you want you can modify or change it by clicking on the button Change address.
You must also choose one of the shipping methods available to your address. The cost to each of the options is performed in real time thanks to our web tool.

Step 2: Forms of payment


The display will show stored on your account billing address, if you wish you can modify or change it by clicking on the button Change address.
Must also select one of the payment methods proposals (credit card, cash, Cheque, etc.)

Step 3: Order confirmation


Here will show you selected billing data, the selected delivery address, how chosen shipping and payment, products purchased, the amount of the order broken down (subtotal, shipping, taxes, etc). Please read all details and modify want them it from the option Modify ", if all details are correct click on the button" Confirm ', to validate your purchase.

If you have forgotten to buy any product, you can return to the store, add it to your cart and start the purchase process again.

Step 4: After purchase


If the purchase has been accepted, a page appears with the title "After purchase".
From this page you can enable the option of receiving future notices by email if new products were on any of the products you have purchased.

For your convenience, the details of your order will be sent to your e-mail address.


Forms of payment accepted


You can pay for your purchase in the following ways:

Credit card

Shall the charge at the time of purchase don't be afraid to provide your card details: the system SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) guarantees the transmission of this information from your computer to the server of SUBPROF, S.L. fully encoded form. For more information, refer you to our email: .

What is Verified by VISA?

Begins to finally enjoy the benefits of the E-commerce insurance . We present a system perform purchases online from home or anywhere else, at any time of the day and above all safely.

The E-commerce insurance It is the new payment method developed by Visa and Mastercard that enables the realization of safe shopping on the Internet and authenticates to the purchaser as a legitimate owner of the card that you are using.

The basic principle is to ensure the security of transactions of Internet purchases. So, when you request a product in a web commerce adhered to the Protocol of E-commerce insurance (you can distinguish them because you will see the distinctive Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode in the online shop in which go to buy), the system will automatically verify that your card is activated in E-commerce insurance and prompts you to authorize the operation through a personal authentication code.

Now you will need a key secret your own bank or box will provide.

In this way it is impossible to online fraud and guarantee the total security of transactions.

To send by fax of a copy of the identity card and payment receipt will no longer need to identify the cardholder. Your order will be processed in a way more simple and fast.


The process is very simple and similar to the present.

1. when to choose the form of payment by card VISA asked the number and expiration date as usual.

2. at this moment will pop up a screen in which the Bank will ask your key secret . Our secure server subsequently receives the response that everything is correct.

3. the process will end when the message "Order made". You receive the order confirmation by e-mail.


Your password will get it through the Bank or box that has issued your card. If you are already a customer of eBanking in the majority of cases you can order it online directly.

Funding tailored Banco Cetelem

Take advantage of our custom financing solutions!
Choose the duration that suits your budget, and at a very attractive rate!

  • Freely choose the duration that suits your budget, from 3 to 48 months
  • No fees for opening.

You can enjoy the latest technology, thanks to the credit of the Cetelem Bank.

That can be financed?

You can request financing for purchases that are superior to €180,3 and choose a monthly fee of a minimum of €18.3.
(When you order you can calculate automatically purchases that can be funded and the maximum term of monthly payments allowed by the) Banco Cetelem)

How do I choose the monthly payment I want to pay?

To select the mode of payment for funding you can access to the calculator and choose the number of months, the calculator will inform you of the monthly fees to pay.
Examples of monthly payments:

Personal loan - classic example *



Total amount of the loan

Monthly payment

Total cost

Total amount due

6 months (classic credit)






12 months (classic credit)






18 months (classic credit)






24 months (classic credit)






36 months (classic credit)







If you place your order and the request for funding is refused by the financial institution, do not worry, you can cancel your order!.
Products and offers for private individuals and professionals located in Peninsular Spain and Balearic Islands.
Products and offers are valid subject to availability of components, for private individuals and professionals located in Peninsular Spain and Balearic Islands.

(*) Classic credit: T.I.N: 17.50% and savings: 18.97% per year without voluntary insurance scheme.
Offer valid from €180 purchase VAT and for durations between 3-48 months.
Monthly minimum fee €18.
No fees for opening.
Subject to approval by the financial institution Bank Cetelem S.A.

The information obtained through this table is merely for information purposes.
In order to obtain all the relevant information about the supply of credit would be applied, which will allow you to make an informed decision, should enter into application of CETELEM Bank once selected as payment financing


Check the status of an order


You can check the status of your orders at any place and at any time, provided you have a connection to the Internet. Simply log on by pressing the button"My account" and enter your e-mail address and password. To access to your account and under the option My orders will be shown a list with the latest orders made and in which State: "Pending", "In process" or "Delivered to the carrier", click on one of them for further information.


My account




As login (enter in my account)

For information about orders, have access to your personal data and other options you can sign if you have registered previously. "Simply click on the button of"My account" from the navigation bar and enter your e-mail address and password.

Forgot your password?

In the event that you have forgotten your password, click on the link Forgot your password?We will send you a new one to your e-mail address.

View / modify my account information


Clicking on this option you can view and modify the main data of your account (name, surname, eMail, telephone and Fax, etc). Click on button to save modified data Continue.

View / change my addresses


Clicking on this option of My account You can view, modify, or delete data from your "address book", Vd has a primary address (billing address) and up to five additional addresses, may at any time set which must be the primary and which the additional.


Click on button to save modified data Continue.

Help_new direction

My orders


To access to your account and under the option My orders will be shown a list with the latest orders made and in which State: "Pending", "In process" or "Delivered to the carrier". If you wish to complete each of the orders made information you must click on the button See and complete information of the order is displayed: number and date of the order, number of units and prices and shipping information: address of delivery, form of shipping, billing data, form of payment and breakdown of the amount them of the purchase.
VD can access to recent orders that appear in the list, or to all orders he has done since he was high as a client.


Subscribe / unsubscribe newsletters

From this link you will be able to enable or disable the option of receiving email newsletters from news, new products, special offers and other promotional announcements

My Fidelity points

To reward your loyalty in each order you make will be awarded a points for € spent in the store, you can change your loyalty points for products when you want, when you want to collect your loyalty points, you only have to request from this Section and we will create a discount coupon that will be available to be able to change for any of your purchases. The minimum amount of points earned to generate a discount coupon will be € 1 (100 points)..

View / modify my ads of products

From this link you can enable or disable the option to receive alerts of products that you have previously subscribed from the showcase.

Close session

In the event that it is not the only person who make purchases in our shop from the same computer, you can log off at any time by clicking the link Exit that appears in the top navigation bar and avoid that another person has access to your information. If you wish you can start a new session as another different user.




We normally ship orders via DHL, with a service 48 hours for orders in the EU and 4 days for deliveries in the rest of the world.

How much is the transport?

If the weight of your order is less than 100Kg, the price of transportation will appear each time you add a product to the shopping cart. Conversely, if weight is greater than 100Kg, we will contact you to tell you the exact amount of shipping.

Must I be at home at the time of delivery?

Yes, someone must be home to receive the packages. If it is not possible, please provide your business address or the address of a friend or family member. In this case don't forget to prevent them!

What happens if no one at home when DHL delivery?

Do not worry. DHL will try to make the delivery again during some times. Passed this time, and if delivery failed, the package we will be returned. In this case, we will return the customer money paid for products but not for transport.

¿ Can I stop a shipment which has already run out of the offices of Subprof?

No, it is not possible. As soon as the payment is already it is impossible to go back to the shipping.

Is there any cost of supplementary transport than those shown on the website?

No: the unique price of transportation you must pay appears in the web site shopping cart.

I have to pay something in the delivery of the package?

If you live in EEC, do not. The indicated price in your shopping cart already includes transport and taxes.
In many countries such as Turkey, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, etc. do not bear any rate of import on products from the EEC but, in these cases, you must pay the carrier local purchase tax. The local Chamber of Commerce can provide you with more information in this regard. You should just tell them that you want to import scuba equipment from the European economic community.

If you live in the United States, here you have all the necessary information regarding import fees:

Less than $200US purchase value: do not pay any additional charge.

Value of greater than $ 200US purchase: in this case they will have to pay to the carrier when you receive the package 4.2% of the total amount charged on the invoice (transport price + price buy) concept of tariffs and customs paperwork.

Tariffs and customs regulations vary in different countries, and it is difficult to know its operation accurately. For this reason, we recommend that you call your local Chamber of Commerce who you will report in more detail. You should just tell them that you want to import scuba equipment from the European economic community.

According to our experience, in countries like Russia and Mexico, it is best to make orders of little value separately to be sent under the same name if desired, but on separate days. While you pay more in transport, which will leave you more profitable because you save money by way of tariffs.


Returns, cancellations and refunds


Returns or changes will be made in the following cases:

1. If the product is defective.
2. If you ship the product wrong (it feel in advance).
3. If it has suffered some kind of damage during shipment (in this case, claim, claim for transportation must be made within 7 days).
4. right of withdrawal. You may return your products during the first 14 days after their receipt.

Conditions for accepting the return:

-To accept the refund, products must be returned within a period of 14 days since they received.
-The product must be returned in its original box/packaging. It product not can have been used in any case, if detected samples of use not be accepted to the return. The product must be accompanied by authorization RMA, which we will provide.

Instructions to complete the refund of a product:

-To complete the refund of a product you can enter your customer account and from the order history may request you return the product, awaiting that the service authorized by customer. You will need to attach a brief explanation of the reason for returning the product.
-Once you receive by mail a return authorization number, you can return the product to us. Above all attach inside the ship the number of authorization for the correct return. Also we will send you the address and all the documentation you need to send the shipment.
-Please ensure that the package has been closed correctly and can not be damaged during shipping.
-Upon receipt of the return in our offices and subject to verification of the State of the same, shall be the replacement of the product or creation of a gift certificate for the amount, which will be available so that you can exchange it with a new purchase.
-The expenses of transport by it return run to cargo of the customer.


Shipping zones for Spain


Zone 1: Girona
Zone 2: Ceuta
Zone 3: Canary Islands
Zone 4: Melilla
Zone 5: Barcelona, Lleida, Tarragona, Zaragoza
Zone 6: Huesca, Castellón
Zone 7: Álava, Navarra, La Rioja, Soria, Teruel, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia
Zone 8: Biscay, Guipuzkoa, Burgos, Valladolid, Segovia, Guadalajara, Madrid, Toledo, Cuenca, Albacete
Zone 9: A Coruña, Lugo, Pontevedra, Ourense, Asturias, León, Palencia, Cantabria, Zamora, Salamanca, Avila, Caceres, Badajoz, Ciudad Real, Huelva, Cordoba, Jaen, Sevilla, Granada, Cadiz, Malaga, Almeria
Zone 10: Balearic Islands


Who we are


SUBPROF S.L. is a company located in the heart of the Costa Brava (Girona - Spain), born in the year 2001 and devoted exclusively to selling online.

                                          is created by true fans of water sports, users, and connoisseurs of the finest materials, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

Every day in the effort to improve ourselves and meet the needs of our most demanding customers the most we have separated our catalogue in four stores: Spear fishing, fishing rod, nautical accessories and diving. Behind us more 50000 satisfied customers in all the world, 15000 references in our warehouse with an area of over 500 square meters dedicated to the world of diving, fishing and boating.

We are leaders in sales in domestic markets and international, deliver orders in 24 h and the international between two and four days depending on whether the target is Europe or outside of Europe, we have a team of more than 6 people, athletes and professionals highly qualified in which include: divers, apneitas i experienced outstanding fishermen.


At we offer the best price and service to our customers, to perform accurate studies of the products on the market and the exact needs of our customers, we are in continuous evolution and renewal of our catalogues online, analyzing all the latest news from the market and working with the best technology partners to provide the best service to our customers.


We are authorized dealers for sale online around the world, offering the same guarantees that the manufacturer gives. We equip and advise both to professionals of the sector as that start in the underwater world or fishing. We have four dedicated telephone lines for customer and service to the customer by email 902 88 41 18, in which you will find qualified staff who advise you during the buying process and help after the purchase through our post sale service.


As another example of our commitment to water sports, we collaborate with those events, competitions and sporting events that promote the practice of activities related to diving or fishing, sponsoring several elite athletes, organizing and collaborating in various competitions both nationally and internationally.


We know very well every product we offer, as we ourselves them have used and tested in our own desire to Excel in sports and competitions, with the added value that gives our experience of more than 30 years.

Every day we test the products that we sell to our customers to inform and advise on their technical specifications and provide a better service. In we communicate with our customers and we intend to meet all their needs, providing a wide range of products and service, guaranteeing both the quality and the fair price of the same.


What are the advantages of buying in a shop?

There are several reasons why it is easier to buy in Subprof than in a traditional store:


You can buy from your home without limit of time.

Comprehensive information

You have at your disposal all kind of information about a product as well as technical features, plug-ins or accesoriso, without getting your home.


More full than in any traditional establishment, both level of brands, and variety of products.

After-sales service

At Subprof we put special care in customer service so that it is optimal, especially with the aim of supplementing the lack of direct contact with the customer.

The majority of products that we sell come with multilingual manuals.





Advise when you make a purchase select options or correct product sizes, since it is essential that you receive exactly the product you purchased to.
The warranty of the products will always be the same as the manufacturer and shall be a minimum of 2 years.

What happens in case of problems?

We send all the material in its original packaging with manuals and documentation provided by suppliers. During this time, we will repair or Exchange any product as soon as we receive it.

While most leading brands offer an international guarantee, we believe that it is not ethical to sell a product and leave in the hands of local stores possible warranty issues. Consequently, in the event of warranty issues, simply send us an email and we will give you all the information needed to arrange the collection of the product in question at our expense to repair it or replace it in the minimum possible time.




Reaizamos maintenance and repair of all your equipment for a reasonable price, ask for your case to When you make a purchase select options or correct product sizes, since it is essential that you receive exactly the product you purchased to.

We organize and we schedule trips to measure, you choose: place, days, number of dives,...

Dive trips: You would like to dive in the Maldives, Cayman... with an instructor by your side?

Travel Apnea : Travel to Menorca or South Africa with Spearfishing and Freediving course

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