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Presentation: the clip Ties and circlips Omer sleeves allow the tariff for the wire splices its own crossbow.


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Presentation: The clip Ties and circlips Omer sleeves allow the tariff for the wire splices its own crossbow. Easy to use calipers and a comfortable box rings allow you to know the boring splicing operation with reliable results.

Project: To prevent the line if scroll around the tires and a crossbow Energy even more reliable connection between gun and Rod, furnish it and Sanders a nylon shaft. The single has several advantages, including the fact that it is more between, much less clutter at equal strength, wear on the Rocky asperita Meno and waste/fish meat main pierced, but has its weakness in the operation of a noose around the shaft seal or the shotgun. It was actually a weak point, because finally available and clips and rings facilitate the tramutandola operation even in greater security. In fact without proper tools if used provisional systems too often tedious and not very reliable. With the technical data clip Ties just a cream this gym and I have new rings and sleeves, splice and diventataconfortevole and safe. The gripper allows cross-hatching in cylindrical rings the mode turn the monofilament todella a noose just cumbersome. The tightness of this alternative to the node and its chemical environment to avoid flying on tariff, much has to Daniel and reliable just because they can easily untie and because the thread on thread tends to weaken the same node. And cream clips from collaboration with Marco Bardi for study and research, is the Armaghedon Transact Beta production tools.

Le bat sono della lunghezza giusta per un pescatore in apnea e si mimetizzano bene con il fondale
The ring is available in space-saving closed départ for perfect auction idrodinamicita

Features: Ties, thanks to its pressure clip system and allows specific holes with ease by wringing a monofilament anellinoSul. The material used for this clamp and tool steel high carbon remediation treatment and coating with high resistance powder.
the surface of the slabs and descendants of about 170 kg/mm ². In practice for every x tempered if pliers can be defined without load shelve eternal or wear. Clip weighs 360 grams in total and 26 cm long and about 5 cm long. Has 3 holes Tell edge for every different diameter rings to effectively crosshatch monofilament from 140 to 220 which are the most used around the world.

Ties also presents clip due to shearing machine, semi-rigid Board very useful for cutting the line to the desired size. The slice of this clamp and the effective and robust and in case of necessity you can cut even steel saddleholder. The pressure ring is multiplied a gives tempered system of cam and successful even with one hand to confirm its simplicity. The ring is deformed cylindrical mode to avoid unusable space can create complications when head out during filming.

Le bat sono della lunghezza giusta per un pescatore in apnea e si mimetizzano bene con il fondale
Clips and rings are essential kit for the Omer each comfortably splice corporate auctions

Circlips are is eight for each mono-filament and facilitates are packed in a box of 50 pieces for each wire from the 140 and 160 more 50 pieces for each wire from 180-200 by the entrance.

MAINTENANCE: The contact with salt water, can form salt corrosion. You should also avoid using it with wet hands or salt water storage in humid and salty. Only a cyclical lubrication with standard Silicon spray to get away from this risk.

Video clips : It is available can be downloaded in the format video clips. zip toolbar here. Once you have downloaded the files on your PC will be possible unzip and have access without interruptions.


CARACTERISTICAS Terminal Glands and sleeves
Name Cable Tie Cable Tie
Weight 360 grams
Wheelbase 26 cm
Width 5 cm
Closing holes 3 holes to flying from 140 to 220
Material Tool steel
Codex Caliper Ties 932
Code packaging sleeve rings R6471


  • Type tool: Tool
    The history of Omersub has its beginnings at the end of the 1970s, with a mission to develop and manufacture specific and high quality products designed for demanding and few champions of fishing in apnea. Valerio Grassi, founder of Omersub, could have ballistic expertise of the Beretta company, specializing in firearms and social capital building, to design and produce rifles and accessories. Rifles who were immediately able to meet the needs of the greatest champions of fishing in apnea. Since then, Omersub has tirelessly pursued its original mission getting a unique experience in the implementation of new solutions for all products related to this mystical world that is the apnea and fishing in apnea. In 1993, Omersub joined the multinational Tools Beta, leads in the production of hand tools and pneumatic professionals. Thanks to the passion and innovation, O.ME. R succeeds, in a period of two decades, growing to become the world's leading brand in the industry and be recognized by amateur fishermen and freedivers around the world. Omersub has also relaunched the historic SPORASUB brand in 2009, placing it successfully at the high end of this market segment. In 2013 Omersub has become part of the Group AquaLung, a world leader in equipment for diving, snorkeling and swimming pool. Since the invention of the first regulator "The Aqua Lung" in 1943 and thanks to constant innovations, Aqua Lung produces a wide range of diving, professional and recreational, Aqua Lung, Apeks and Whites-branded equipment. These brands are distributed through a network of specialized professionals in more than 80 countries. The initial enthusiasm that brought Omersub to occupy a place of prestige among the leading manufacturers of products for the dive, has now remained unchanged thanks to a simple requirement, but essence
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