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4HP - 16Nm, 12km/h, 75 min, 40m

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The control grip, using piezo techonology, is used to regulate speed and programe settings.
The jet impeller runs protected behind lamellas. The engine is emission free, silent and reliable.
The illuminated LCD screen shows all the important technical data and rider information.

The SEABOB is a fun/sport machine that allows you to move through the water like a fish. It's easy to drive and free from any licence restrictions, however it is a high performance machine and suitable for people aged ober 15 year old. Over water, under water, cruising, sporty diving or diving - it's time to rediscover water. For safety the diving depth is preset at 2.5 metres but scuba divers can use the on-board electronics to set de maximum depth to 40 metres. The engine requires no maintennce and using teh quick charger It can be chaged in 90 minutes.

The Power-Box ACS system for easy handling of the power box.One out, one in and the SEABOB is ready to take to the water again.The ACS (Cell Change System) makes it easy and quick to exchange the Box for a fully-charged spare.
The modular-designed, Power box containing the Li-Ion cells is positioned in the SEABOB?s bow and is incredibly robust and completely watertight.
Quick charging the SEABOB from a power point takes only 90 minutes. The Power-Box is also easy to remove and easy to re-insert for external charging (depending on model).

It includes a box of 157x59x54cm.


  • Performance up to: 2.9 kW (4 HP)
  • Maximum torque up to: 16 Nm
  • Maximum thrust up to: 468 N
  • Speed over water up to: 15 km/h (9.3 mph)
  • Speed under water up to: 12 km/h (7.5 mph)
  • Speed control: 10 power levels between 10 % and 100 % via piezo buttons
  • Energy: 12 SEABOB-Power High-Energy Li-Ion accumulators (without memory effect)
  • Weight per accumulator cell: 1 kg (x 12)
  • Total capacity approx.: 1.8 kW/h; 48 V; 40 Ah
  • Operating time average: 75 minutes
  • Charging time (standard charging) approx.: 8-10 hours
  • Charging time (quick charging) approx.: 90 minutes
  • Diving depth: 40 metres
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.296 x 481 x 379 (in mm)
  • Weight approx.: 63 kg
  • Buoyancy in water approx.: 10 kg


You can choose the color, but if the scooter is not in desired stock color, wait 1 month maximum to send it.

To complement the product SEABOB SCOOTER 4.12 have all compatible accessories also available for purchase.

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  • Volumetric weight: 41