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Drake is a watch computer designed specifically for the needs of free divers. Sample:       Current and maximum immersion depth....


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EKS 810095



Drake is a watch computer designed specifically for the needs of free divers.

  •       Current and maximum immersion depth.
  •       Immersion time in minutes and seconds.
  •       Temperature.
  •       Time in minutes and seconds between a dive and a recovery.
  •       Relationship between recovery time and apnea time.
  •       Maximum depth and time for the day.
  •       Depth alarms.
  •       Alarms of time.
  •       Able to save 500 dives numbered progressively dives.
  •       History with total number of dives, depth and maximum duration.

DRAKE TITANIUM is an advanced apnea computer designed, developed and made 100% in Italy. The structure is completely modular and it’s extremely strong and reliable because it shares the hard basis with the effective and successful Newton diving computer. Cressi has all the quality control of this product due to the fact that it’s entirely prepared and made in Cressi Elettronica, referring to either the Software programming or its production and manufacture, quality control and after sales service.

Under its latest and attractive watch appearance is hiding thorough software with four apnea different programs, a deep information layout study on the display, and a lively intuitive information access considering the multiple configurable parameters and the high volume of information that it uses.

Its mixed case made of stainless steel, Titanium and ABS anti-impact allows a great lightness, resistance to blows and esthetic aging. Although its dimensions are rather contained (Ø51mm diameter), the digit view is excellent.

The computer’s profile is extremely flat (14mm maximum height), it has a section without edges and with a completely rounded design, it’s highly hydrodynamic and avoids possible tears. Even the strap anchorage follows the case profile. The casing has a smart design that combines stainless steel with pretty resistant technopolymers. All the four push buttons are rounded, low-profiled, greatly integrated in the device, and have reduced spaces to ensure O-rings watertightness when working perfectly in vertical inclination and also to avoid the entrance of particles or little sand grains that could block them.

Anti-scratch resistant mineral glass protected by a stainless steel rounded crown. It’s also available atransparent Bumpon protector.

Wide UFDS (User Friendly Display System) screen of 35mm diameter vs 51mm of the whole case. It includes the well-known ease of navigation and menus of Cressi computers with software. Information layout, display contrast, proportions and digits’ size have been studied to facilitate its reading. All data is segmented by division lines that facilitate its reading even in stress or emergency situation. Backlighted display used by the push button and in the event of an alarm.

Navigation system and menus include reading ease, data access and excellent parameters’ modification. Remarkably configuration ease, navigation throughout the different menus and access to the great amount of information that provides in always an extremely intuitive way.

Lengthy battery duration by systems’ combination: saving program when the computer is not used with automatic start, low-energy processor and high capacity CR2430 battery.

The interface has diving computer connection by simply supporting the computer on it and PC connection with USB plug. The software is compatible with all Windows and Mac versions.

Depth gauge calibrated in salt water to ensure a maximum precision on its regular use.

    Initially, in 1946, was released as Cressi company run by diving, rich in innovation and product development. As an Italian brand, whose ownership and management is entirely familiar, Mares was the first company to produce items such as underwater masks with adjustable nose and fins. From the beginning, all products are designed and manufactured in Italy using the machinery and tools of your own company. To date, is an innovative research, development and manufacturing of the product. Cressi is a company full of underwater sports field whose articles cover diving, spear fishing, snorkeling and swimming. The first Cressi swimming goggles were made in the fifties and swimming goggles were called. Throughout its entire corporate history, Cressi has continued to improve and widen your own collection of products. In fact, in the fifties and sixties, many European swimming champs could use Cressi products, short fins and goggles. Since the company was born, products for swimming have represented an important sector in the range of Cressi items. To this end, in 2005, created a separate Cressi products targeted to swimming brand. Cressi Swim was established, which provides a wide range of products and clothing for swimming between there masks, goggles, fins, caps, suits and accessories. In recent years, products like the Cobra Swim and Palau fins, adjustable short and represent the continued importance given to the development and product innovation. In 2009, the Cressi Swim website was launched as a place where people from around the world to find online information related to the entire Cressi Swim line. For more information on the entire line Cressi products related to diving, to snorkeling and spear fishing not hesitate in access the site. Cressi is proud to manufacture the majority of its products at its headquarters factory in Genova, Italy. This allows a high level of quality control, as Mr. Mares is able to follow the production process personally on a daily basis. Genova is a 30 minute drive from the beautiful bay of Portofino, a haven for diving from the 40s, and this allows Mr. Mares and Cressi Equipment can easily test the water all products Cressi manufactures. History 1930's-1940's 1938 Egidio and Nanni Cressi The brothers begin to manually build the first mask and the first rifles. This is the history of Cressi is the oldest underwater equipment factory in the world. 1943 The first Cressi mask, Siren, is manually produced in 1943. It remained in the catalog, with progressive and different innovations for over thirty years. 1946 Cressi was officially founded in Italy, Genoa. 1946 At the end of the 40s in their catalog Cressi presents a complete range of Persian power rifles and long. The range includes a dozen different models. 1947 Aro AR47 - In 1947 the first selfbreathing is produced by CCTV. It is ultra modern and is equipped with sophisticated technical solutions, such as condensation catcher. 1948 A vast range of masks is available for each of the requirements: hunting, snorkeling and diving with selfbreathing (rebreather).
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