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Computer that will delight and spearfishing freedivers to be designed by and for themselves. With big buttons and without necess to go to the watchmaker to change batteries

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Building on its long history in the development of equipment for underwater activities Beuchat launches World, the computer that will delight and spearfishing freedivers to be designed by and for themselves.
With a design that avoids unnecessary flash for underwater fishing, it has some big buttons that limit the problems when pressed with gloves on.
The bracelet is long enough to adapt to the sleeve of his suit.
It will also be the user that can change the battery in safety and reliability without having to go to any watchmarker or specialist.

And for the most demanding in their dives, for those who want total control, the new World Beuchat offers a complete alarm system consists of four specific alarms:
• Maximum time submerged.
• Surface interval time.
• Repetitive alarm depth interval.
• Alarm depths in the fall with three depths chosen by the user.

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  • High: 13.00
  • Belt: Gum Belt
  • Computer type: Computer
  • Computer format: Format computer
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