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Edy II

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The first Cressi-sub computer integrated into a wristwatch. Weight and size are very compact making the instrument suitable for everyday use, and not only specifically for diving.
Despite its compact size, Edy combines complete programmes for three different dive types in a single instrument:

- scuba diving (air or nitrox)
- technical diving (bottom gauge and timer down to 200 metres)
- free diving

It is also a digital wristwatch, great looking, complete with dual time zone and alarm, and can be backlit to read data when there is poor illumination.


Despite its compact size, Edy combines complete programmes for three different dive types in a single instrument:

- scuba diving (air or nitrox)
- technical diving (bottom gauge and timer down to 200 metres)
- free diving

For all practical purposes, these are three different, very sophisticated and complete instruments, which can be used by an incredibly wide variety of users.

Most of the software is derived from the recent Cressi Archimede 2 computer software and is a sophisticated ZH-L12 modified and developed by Randy Bohrer, with some 12 sample tissue compartments of and with saturation half-times of between 5 and 640 minutes.

Let's have a closer look at the three different instruments.

In the SCUBA DIVING UNDERWATER COMPUTER mode it is possible to choose to use air or enriched air mixes with up to 50% oxygen, where the diver can select partial pressure of this gas from between 1.0 and 1.6 bars. It has some three Safety Factors, a maximum depth alarm that can be inserted as you like, graphic display of nitrogen saturation and CNS oxygen toxicity, bar graph showing ascent speed, thermometer and a wide range of audio and visual alarms. A particularly high performance logbook memorises a great deal of data of the last 30 hours' dive time or the last 60 dives, which can be reviewed one by one at intervals of 30 seconds, thanks to the incorporated Profile mode that does not need accessory interface. A handy History mode memorises maximum depth, hours spent underwater and total number of dives made.

In the GAUGE mode, Edy is a valuable instrument if you want to programme the dive with decompression software and make the dive with tables, as required by technical dives. The functions indicated provide immediate and maximum depth, dive time (including seconds!), indication of ascent speed, thermometer, the classic watch and a really handy chronometer (hours, minutes and seconds) so you can precisely calculate ascent and decompression stops. It is also possible to activate a depth alarm. The GAUGE mode also comes with its own logbook that even calculates the average dive depth and records the temperature at the maximum depth reached, as well as a Profile mode to review the dive at intervals of 30 seconds and an independent History mode to record only the dives made in GAUGE mode.

In the freediving (FREE) mode, all the needs of free divers were taken into consideration. So indications of present and maximum depth, dive time (minutes and seconds), ascent speed are all provided, and it is possible to insert a depth and/or time alarm. On the surface, the interval between one dive and the next is indicated (in minutes and seconds), and there is even a thermometer. This mode also has its own Logbook that can memorise up to 60 dives, full of data, all of which can be reviewed with the incorporated Profile mode at intervals of just one second (world exclusive!). The History section memorises the total number of dives in a day, indicating the deepest dive and how long it lasted. This daily memory can be reset at any time.

To complete these three super dive instruments there is a handy digital watch, complete with dual time zone and alarm, and the display can be instantly lit (above and underwater) with a simple push of a button.
And any watchmaker can replace the battery in a flash.

An interface is available as accessory to download all the recorded data and transfer it onto a PC, so it is possible to access many other functions.

Main features

- ZH-L8 algorithm, redesigned by Randy Bohrer to make it suitable for a more sophisticated RGBM program. The result is a very similar algorithm to the ZH-L16, but less penalizing regarding water temperature and repeated overshooting of the ascent speed.
- Tissue compartments: 12 with saturation half times of between 5 and 640 minutes
- Complete processor of data, also including possible decompression, for dives using air or oxygen-rich mixes (Nitrox)
- Complete setting of FO2 and PO2 parameters; it is possible to set PO2 between 1.0 and 1.6 bars and FO2 between 21% and 50%
- Possibility of making a Nitrox dive after an air dive (even with de-saturation underway)
- Maximum depth alarm (can be activated by user)
- Display with UFDS (User Friendly Display System) for perfect comprehension and easy legibility of data
- Dive plan (Scrolling) manual
- User can change measuring units from metric system (metres and °C) to imperial system (ft and F)
- Audio and visual alarms
- Nitrogen saturation bar graph
- CNS oxygen toxicity bar graph
- Ascent speed bar graph
- Backlit display
- Differentiated ascent speed according to depth
- Instant PO2 indicator
- Safety Stop (not compulsory) indication at end of dive (between 9.9 and 3 m)
- Thermometer
- Possibility of setting GAUGE programme (bottom gauge/timer)
- Possibility of setting FREE programme (free-diving)
- Complete logbook (30 h or last 60 dives) of dive profile (3 independent logbooks for each of the COMPUTER, GAUGE and FREE functions)
- Dive profile can be reviewed without interface (30 second intervals in the COMPUTER and GAUGE functions, 1 second intervals in the FREE function)
- Dive history memorised (maximum depth, N�° dives and hours spent underwater). Three different and independent histories for the COMPUTER, GAUGE and FREE functions
- Automatic depth setting from 0 to 6000 metres
- Graphic notification of flat battery
- Maximum depth in COMPUTER function 99.9 m
- Maximum depth in GAUGE and FREE functions 199.9 m
- Calendar and watch with alarm and second time zone functions
- PC interface (optional)

Size and weight:
Diameter: 51 mm - Height: 12mm - Weight: 75 g

Pressure sensor:
- Calibrated for salt water (the depths indicated are about 3% lower in freshwater)
- Temperature compensated
- Measurement field in the DIVE function: 0-99.9 m
- Measurement field in the GAUGE and FREE functions: 0-199.9 m
- Precision: +/- 1% (T 20�°C)
- Reading resolution: 0.1m (from 0m to 99.9m), 1m (from 100m to 199.9m)
- Surface interval: from 0 to 48 hours
- Monitoring of depth modes: from 0 to 6000 m, measured every 10 minutes
- Dive time: from 0 to 599 min
- Interval data acquisition: 30 sec (DIVE/GAUGE programmes); 1 second (FREE programme)

- Resolution: 1°C
- Measurement field: -5°C + 40°C
- Precision: +/- 2°C; adaptation to change every 1 min

- Precision: average +/- 10 sec a month
- Display 12/24 hours

- Flat tab 3V Li/MnO2 CR 2032 battery. Lasts for an average of 2 years (50 dives a year)

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