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Leonardo computer by Cressi. Air-Nitro mode, alarms, temperature and time, memory...



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Leonardo is the first computer designed, developed and produced in Italy at 100% by its subsidiary Cressi Elettronica created 4 years ago.
Building a computer is completely modular, robust and wide screen UFDs that inherits the proverbial ease of navigation and menus Cressi computers with software.
Management is very complete Nitrox, Gauge Mode, reset option.
The algorithm incorporates Deep Stop RGBM and.
A highlight their studied system to extend battery life: saving mode when not in use with automatic ignition, low-power processor and CR2450 battery user replaceable without tools.
The interface computer receives data through Go and connects to the PC with USB cable.
The software is compatible with all Windows and Mac versions

  • 9 tissue algorithm modified Haldane
  • RGBM + Deep Stop
  • Calibrated in salt water
  • altitude pre-selectable
  • 1.2 to 1.6 PO2
  • Air mode-Nitro-Depth
  • Logbook 60 hours or 75 dives
  • Reset Option
  • Alarms PO2, Deco, Safety Stop, rapid ascent, CNS O2 saturation
  • Backlight
  • Temperature and time under water
  • Remembrance of dives (999)
  • Dive planning mode

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