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Computer, Oceanic Geo-2. 4 operating modes, alarms, updatable, 24 dive log

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The GEO-2 looks improved with a stainless steel ring and a new color scheme.
In addition, a second mix of Nitrox (both programmable 100%) is available, as well as firmware auto update that allows the user to download and install operational improvements and even future developments through the PC interface (with optional cable).
A unique combination of quality, functionality and style.
With double algorithm and optional conservative options, the GEO-2 can be programmed.
 • Exclusive algorithm of Oceanic
 • 4 operating modes: clock (alarm, timer), Normal (air and nitrox), caliber (with run time counter) and free (calculations)
 • User-friendly interface
 • To switch between two Nitrox mixes to 100% O2 unrestricted
 • Downtime < 3 minutes
 • Stop deep with countdown timer
 • Access with just one button "Last diving"
 • Data retention even as you change battery
 • Audible alarm with flashing lights LED
 • 24 diving records
 • History
 • Interface to optional PC Download and options
 • Auto-upgrade firmware

The GEO-2 computer offers dual algorithm ™, which allows you to choose the decompression algorithm that best adapt to your needs
Choose between a free, conservative or intermediate mode.

Dive in synchrony with any friend, anywhere
Because of GEO allows you to adjust the basis of algorithms and their conservatism, can be adjusted to match close to almost any dive computer on the market, which already lets you any fellow dive in synchrony.
Both friends are ready to enter the water, at the same time and you can follow the same dive profiles.
You can't control what leads his teammate of diving, but you can control your ability to dive in the same profile.

Battery life: duration of estimated battery based on the battery to full capacity, and the continuous use of described.
  • 7 days a week
  • 2 dives per day
  • 1 hour of dive time
  • 2-hour surface interval
  • 18-hour interval from the last dive to the first of the next day



NO Deco dive mode



Modes of Operation Watch, Norm (Air / Nitrox) Gauge, and Free Dive
Push Buttons 4
User Interface Click forward, Fast Scroll and Step Back
Mounting Options Wristwatch
Activation Water or Push Button
Algorithm Basis Dual Algorithm ™ Your choice between Pelagic DSAT (Spencer Powell/data basis) or Pelagic Z + (Bühlmann ZHL-16 c data basis)
Personal Conservative Factor Adjustment Each Level provides No Decompression Limits for the next dive + 3000 ft altitude
Altitude Algorithm Basis NOAA
O2 Limit Basis NOAA
Tissue Compartments 12 (5 to 480 minutes)
Automatic Altitude Adjustment 2,000 - 14,000 ft
Decompression Capability 10 60-ft (3-18 m)
Automatic Safety Stop Prompt YES - ADJUSTABLE DEPTH AND TIME
Alarm Acknowledgment (u/w self-destruction) YES - PUSH BUTTON DEACTIVATES ALARM CURRENT
Ascent Rate Range 11-30 fpm / 21-60 fpm
Ascent Rate Maximum 30 fpm (< 60 ft) 60 fpm (> 60 ft)
Diver Replaceable Batteries YES
Battery Type CR2430
Battery Life * 300 DIVE HOURS 
Data Retention (retains indefinitely during battery change calculations) YES
Low Battery Indicator (Graphic) YES
Calendar / Clock DATE & TIME
Operating Depth (NORM/FREE) 330 ft / 100 m
Operating Depth (GAUGE) 330 ft / 100 m
24 Hour Time to Fly Countdown YES
Gauge Mode Run Timer YES
Calculated Desaturation Fly Countdown YES
High O2 Alarm / Warning 300 SOTU / DOTU
High PO2 Alarm / Warning 1.6 DEFAULT OR USER SETTING
On-Unit Log Capacity 24 DIVES
PC Data Download OPTIONAL
PC Settings Upload OPTIONAL
Firmware Update OPTIONAL
OceanLog Download Memory Capacity 512K *
Pre-dive Planning Sequence PUSH BUTTON 30 - 190 ft
Temperature Display YES
nitrogen Tissue Loading Bar Graph YES
Oxygen Loading NUMERIC %
Variable Ascent Rate Bar Graph YES
No Decompression Time Remaining Display YES
O2 Time Remaining Display YES
Set Mode with Rapid Advance YES
Set Mode with "Step Back" YES
Set FO2 Value (%) Gas 1 AIR, 21-100%
Set FO2 Value (%) Gas 2 OFF, 21-100%
Set Audible Alarm On/Off YES
Set Max Depth Alarm YES
Set Elapsed Dive Time Alarm YES
Set Maximum Nitrogen Tissue Loading Bar Graph Alarm YES
Set Personal Conservative Factor YES
Set Dive Time Remaining Alarm YES
Set Units Of Measurement YES
Set Hour Format (12/24 Hour) YES
Set Time of Day YES
Set date YES
Set Maximum PO2 Alarm YES
Set FO2 50% Default YES
Set Backlight Duration YES
Set Safety Stop Time and Depth YES
Set Sampling Rate (OceanLog Download) 1 (Free Dive Mode Only) / 2/15/30/60 SECONDS
Set Digital Gauge Mode On/Off YES
Set Water Activation On/Off YES
Set Free Dive Elapsed Dive Time Alarm YES
Set Free Dive Countdown Timer YES
Set Free Dive Max Depth #1 YES
Set Free Dive Max Depth #2 YES
Set Free Dive Max Depth #3 YES
Warranty 2 YEAR
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee YES

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