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Watch with depth gauge, dive light, timer, alarm and stopwatch amongst other features

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Developments in 2010 accessories include the new clock MIK1 by Omer with depth gauge, specially designed for spearfishing.
At first view is an elegant watch, simple and not very large, unlike other watches. This feature allows you to be used include for the day to day.
Made in very tough plastic and stainless steel.
With a very low weight and a belt with several holes close together, this watch is perfectly suited to our wrist. Also the strap is replaceable, pudeéndola replaced by a shorter model.
The home screen is customizable according to the information we want to see as the diving depth is activated by contact with water and storing when the depth exceeds 1.5 meters.

Some features:
 - Supervisory Role
 - Alarm function
 - Stopwatch Function
 - Countdown Timer Function
 - Dive Light
 - Memory with 100-record dives.

To see the user's manual, click HERE

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