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Pack Christmas Suunto: Suunto D6i dive computer + bag computer + bag Messenger + LoogBook. Available in metal or rubber belt

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Suunto, a leader in design and manufacture of dive computers, introduces the new and improved series wristop dive computer D.
With features advanced but easy to use series wristop dive computers Suunto D are designed to make the most of the experience of diving, whether it is an experienced technical diver, an enthusiast of the depths or a new adventurous spirit of the diving world.

Movescount is a sport free online community powered by Suunto, leading company in the design and manufacture of sports precision instruments. is a unique platform that allows anyone interested in sports and physical fitness to manage their Moves easy and efficient loading and scoring information, meeting people with the same interests and knowing what they do.
Anyone can visit to consult the best rated Moves: it is not necessary to be a member. uses the latest technology and is compatible with a wide variety of Suunto, both on PC and Mac devices.
For more information, please visit:

Suunto D6i
Professional features and integration of air at an incredible price.
The lovers of diving, Suunto D6i trusted companion is now updated with the integration of optional wireless air, which provides quick information about the current cylinder pressure and remaining air time, divers as well as a specific mode of immersion for apnea.
The new and innovative 3D electronic compass with tilt compensation makes underwater navigation easier than ever.
Regardless of the angle of the wrist, the diver can have total confidence in the accuracy of the information.
Suunto D6i is the dive computer wrist elected by athletes who take seriously their dives.
With its new digital 3D compass with tilt and its wireless air integration compensation, it is an essential tool when others depend on you and your knowledge of dive.
Although it is the instrument of trust of professional divers, attractive aesthetics makes this computer a great acquisition also to your daily wardrobe.
 • Wireless air integration Optional: current pressure of bottles and remaining air time
 • 3D integrated tilt digital compass
 • Full continuous decompression algorithm
 • Gas-switching capability
 • Four dive modes: air, nitrox, apnea, manometer
 • Possibility of steel bracelet
 • Built-in dive Planner
 • Detailed graphic records and data of immersion in your computer using software Suunto DM4 with Movescount

3D digital compass -
Dial-up monitor -
Cardinal mark -
Parameter of decline -
Guided calibration -
Bearing in degrees -
Tilt-compensated compass -
Calcul CNS % + UTO (OLF)
Change of mixture during the dive -
The maximum PO2 setting 0.5-1.6 0.5-1.6 0.5-1.6
O2% setting Up to 8 gas, oxygen 8-99%, helium 0 - 92% Up to 2 gases containing 21-99% 21-50%
Setting the duration of the backlight
Type of background light Electro-b display Electro-b display Electro-b display
Matrix display
Menu-based interface for mobile phones
Operating temperature 0° C - + 40° C / 32° F - + 104° F 0° C - + 40° C / 32° F - + 104° F 0° C - + 40° C / 32° F - + 104° F
Selectable metric/imperial units
Temperature scale -20° C - + 50° C / - 4° F - + 122° -20° C - + 50° C / - 4° F - + 122° F -20° C - + 50° C / - 4° F - + 122° F
Water resistant 200m / 660 ft 150m / 492 ft 100m / 328 ft
Weight 110 g 113 g 85 g
Sapphire glass - -
Mineral crystal glass -
Notice of battery life
Low battery warning
Name of the Software Suunto DM4 with Movescount Suunto DM4 with Movescount Suunto DM4 with Movescount
USB interface cable Included Optional Optional
8 gas - -
Helium - -
Oxygen - -
12 / 24 h
Calendar clock
Daily alarms 1 1 1
Dual time
Altitude adjustment
Monitor/ascent speed alarm
The ascent time display Up to 199 min Up to 199 min Up to 199 min
Loud noise
Compass -
Deep safety stops
Dive (s, min) time In gauge mode In free / gauge mode In free mode
Full decompression data
Journal memory
Maximum depth alarm
Maximum depth display 200m / 660 ft 150m / 492 ft 100m / 328 ft
Air operating mode
Gauge operating mode -
Operating mode clock
Personal adjustment
Sampling frequency of profile (s) 10, 20, 30, 60 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60
Safety stop
Technical RGBM algorithm of Suunto - -
Temperature display
Wireless transmission of integrated air Optional Optional Optional
Operating mode mixture of gases - -
Dive Planner
History of dives
Operating mode Apnea -
Nitrox mode -
Decompression Suunto RGBM model -
History of apnea -
Stopwatch In time / dive mode In time / dive mode In time / dive mode

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    Suunto was founded in 1936 by Tuomas Vohlonen, inventor of the fluid-filled field compass. Suunto has been at the forefront of design and innovation of sports watches, dive computers and instruments used by adventurers from all over the world. Suunto equipped physically and mentally to adventurers to conquer new territories in nature. The headquarters and main factory of Suunto are located in Vantaa, Finland. Its products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world. Are affiliated with brands like Salomon, Arc' Arc'Teryx, Wilson, Precor, Atomic and Mavic.

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