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Gloves with Ultraspan exterior finish that is not engaged with Velcro. Available in 5mm and various sizes

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Ultraspan® Gloves are intended to combine the flexibility provided by new tissue appeared on the market in recent years, resistance to erosion and the use of previous models.
 • Ultraspan® fabric on the outside, very elastic and has in its favor the feature is not engaged with the Velcro ® (vest sash, etc.) As with other similar tissues
 • Interior fabric made from the innovative Nano Carbon ® Plush, very heat, moisture resistant and antibacterial as well as being very nice touch
 • To improve the resistance is completely coated with a PVC dot picots: palms, fingers and back. We have studied the resistance of these picots the detachment of the tissue with the use, something common when applied to highly elastic tissue. Thus, although somewhat reduced the capacity of natural elongation of the fabric, their strength is multiplied
 • high density neoprene to ensure a good incompressibility
 • The pattern has studied the important details such as depth of the fingers and the perfect closure of the wrist area
 • Seams glued and are high quality and ensure a tight seal of the glove, despite its reduced thickness
 • Comes with attractive custom X-Thermic Cressi logo, which identifies high-end accessories brand neoprene
 • Extensive sizing available
 • Thickness: 5mm

CRESSI ULTRASPAN 5MM GLOVES is guaranteed by Cressi and manufactured with the best materials, giving a performance very good at a very good price.

Subprof more than 2,000,000 satisfied customers have bought around the world.

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  • Thick gloves: Up to 5 mm
  • Color gloves: Black Color
  • Material gloves: Neoprene
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