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Very low volume mask and wide field of view

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The design of the Lynx was designed to have a minimum volume of air while offering a wide field of view. This is the mask of deep or repetitive apnea.

More comfort to enjoy great comfort in underwater fishing and apnea

With its internal hyper volume reduces, the Lynx Beuchat mask greatly reduces the magnitude of compensating maneuvers required.

This makes it very comfortable and makes the underwater fishing session or even the most enjoyable apnea.

The strap has a wide holding area at the rear and a fine tuning system for precise control, a better fit and greater comfort.

The silicone skirt combines comfort and morphological fit for perfect sealing. In addition, its grain surface prevents fingers from slipping during installation and during compensation maneuvers.

Optimum hydrodynamics

The strap design has been designed to offer very little water resistance. This is significant since optimal hydrodynamics dive downhill than when traveling on the surface.

Stealth mask

The Beuchat Lynx mask design combines rounded edges and shapes to break such a stealth plane. In addition, the veining of the skirt of the mask reduces the reflection of light and accentuates its secrecy.

Distinctive aspect

The lynx design gives it a distinctive look that looks inspired by a comic book hero

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  • Interior volume: Reduced Volume
  • Crystal: Transparent Crystal
  • Product mask: Mask
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