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Continuing with the exceptional success achieved by Big Eyes, the first mask in the world with



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Continuing with the exceptional success achieved by Big Eyes, the first mask in the world with raked front lenses and a huge downward visual field, and the continued success of the Horizon, with 4 lenses, the new Matrix is now presented, representing a new benchmark in the world panorama of masks.
The Cressi patented raked lenses and a special ?inverted drop? shape to them has been developed further.
The lenses are now as close as possible to the eyes, with increased visibility that reaches incredible values.

A hypoallergenic silicon skirt with a new design, complete with internal seal ring, provides a perfect fit to the face and excellent comfort. The seal is optimal for a wide variety of facial structures, including those of women and youths.

The new design frame has a minimum thickness and is completely invisible in the entire lower part of the mask.
New research into materials have made it possible to create this frame with a perfect combination of polished polycarbonate and rubber material. This black material has a strong grip and covers the sides and upper arch of the frame providing a protective and at the same time aesthetic effect.

The adjusting buckles for the strap are new, incorporated into the structure of the frame and enable easy and immediate adjustment simply by pressing with a finger.

A new strap made from very soft silicon completes the mask, and it has a particularly extensive purchase on the neck, for comfort without precedents.

Even with these excellent features the internal volume of the mask is so low that it is less than many well-known scuba-diving masks.

The weight of Matrix is record-breaking: only 174 grams so it won?t cause fatigue even after prolonged use.

Special features

- Raked front lenses, with the minimum lens-eye distance and shaped so as to offer the maximum possible visibility
- Very slim frame with rubber material inserts, transparent lower part and completely invisible
- New skirt with internal seal ring for a perfect fit on any face
- Very low internal volume
- Extremely light (174 g)
- New quick adjusting buckles incorporated in the frame
- New strap with bigger purchase zone
- Modern and appealing design
- Size: 167 mm x 112 mm

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