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100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Beuchat Online authorized dealer

100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Pacifil reel by Beuchat. Ultra light and large spool size. Available in 50m and 100m


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Ultra light horizontal reels for large or medium spool size
 • Reels made from synthetic resin
 • Stainless steel mechanisms
 • Extendable winding handle
 • Adjustable brake
 • Stainless steel line guide

  • Ø spool: 85mm
  • Width: 43mm
  • Capacity 1.5 mm: 50m

  • Ø spool: 105mm
  • Width: 53mm
  • Capacity 2mm: 100m

  • Compatible rifles: Beuchat
  • For rifles: Rifles of gums
  • Reel Product: Reels
  • Version: Horizontal
  • Reel Material: Stainless steel
  • Fist size: Long
    BIRTH In 1934, Georges Beuchat in Marseille founded the company. He is a young man of 24 passionate underwater world, angling and diving ever imagine and then create products that will enable the development of underwater activities modernes.historique_1historique_2Be-Original -be-BEUCHATIl is above all a tireless inventor, who will make a pioneering brand Beuchat underwater. Indeed, the development of Beuchat merges with that of the sports sub-marins.Georges Beuchat invented in 1953 in particular the isothermal diving suit. This innovation (invention) Basic has played a key role in the development of underwater activities. And sixty years later, the foundation she laid still valid although the materials and techniques have évolué.Quelques years later, Beuchat Mask Compensator launches first inclined glass mask and nasal embossing for compensation, then the first palm jet, the Jetfin. Two products that experience a wide commercial success and are still sold today throughout the monde.L'INNOVATION IN NAAD the origin of its innovations is the desire to bring more comfort and performance practitioners underwater sports. Values which, along with the ability to innovate, are always included in the DNA of the brand Beuchat.historique_3UN DESIGN MADE IN FranceThis identity guide marketers, engineers and designers at the company's headquarters on the shores of the Mediterranean, all products design and file multiple patents an.INSPIRED BY THE seala sea, original inspiration Beuchat is also the keystone of its technical expertise and the space in which the brand is naturally inclined to intervene to benefit from its expertise to the largest number of athletes and practitioners.
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