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Sporasub Online authorized dealer

100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Sporasub Online authorized dealer

100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Adaptable to Sporasub One spear gun, Cayman series by Omer and wood spearguns. Adaptable to Marlin series by Beuchat and Geronimo by Cressi with with an optional piece - 2 sizes: 50 (50m/1.5mm) / 80 (80m/1.5mm)



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The ONE reels are characterized by their reversible vertical winding and by their folding arm. The shape of these reels is particularly small and clean, in order to limit any disturbances while fishing, and reduce imbalances that reels can give to spearguns. The vertical position, the winding roll, and the special "line holder" make it practically impossible for tangling to occur.The friction created by the wide surface area leads to the blocking of the drum, or it can be quickly opened to take advantage of the traction of the fish. The stainless steel recovery arm, although it is long and solid in order to give leverage when reeling in larger fish, does not create any problems, and is hidden away within the drum while fishing.

The limited size of the drum takes into consideration the high performance levels of modern 1.5 mm lines. The ONE 50 model holds about 50 meters and the ONE 80 model holds about 80 meters. They are reversible so they can also be used by left-handed people. The reels are sold, in series, with slides that can be set up on ONE spearguns, and Omersub, Cayman series. Optional pins to assemble the reels on the Beuchat spearguns, Marlin series, and on the Geronimo model by Cressi. The ONE reels can also be equipped on wooden spearguns, by screwing them directly on the barrel, without slides. The ONE 50 model and ONE 80 model are both sold in camouflage green version with Dyneema line in series, and in the classic black version, without line. 

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  • Compatible rifles: Sproasub
  • For rifles: Rifles of gums
  • Reel Product: Reels
  • Version: Vertical
  • Reel Material: Stainless steel
  • Fist size: Long
    Sporasub is one of the historic brands of underwater fishing. Since the dawn of this sport, Sporasub products have always been present. The logo with the double fish, has in the memory of the fishermen with longer experience of the world, a great emotional value. Born in France, known around the world, Sporasub brand has lived in recent years various changes in ownership with different fortunes. The brand has been all too often improperly using its products that did not deserve it, even products for diving bottles. The same logo has been often modified and corrected. Today, restarts, or better is part of what we believe will be year zero. Sporasub products are born to be instruments at the forefront in the hands of the most demanding fishermen. And now, finally, it comes to given the opportunity this brand of reborn with a new line of high quality products, designed, made and placed on the verge as being top of the category. Sporasub product in this catalog is characterized by its exclusivity. Each product has been designed to be unique in its genre. The same return of the "old" logo is not casual, is indicative of our firm intention to repeat the historical success of this brand.
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