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OMERSUB Online authorized dealer

100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Omer 18mm sectioned slings with nylon screwed tip. Available from 12 to 32cm (Spearguns from 50 to 130cm)


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641 0024CF-P


Omer bands are made of natural latex loaded with graphite manufactured using a modern technology.
This process yields the highest performance.
The fittings of Grivory GV5H featuring an exclusive wrench fitting shape to make them easier to screw and unscrew.

All Omer speargun slings are manufactured in 100% pure Latex.
Latex is a natural material but it stills the best alternative to any other synthetic material existing today on the market. Silicone tubing, for example, has a better deterioration rate but it is surpassed by Latex in elasticity and flexibility. Latex is flexible in sub zero temperatures and maintains memory after repeated stretching.
The way our latex tubing is manufactured is by gravitational fall into water tanks. This process, versus production by extrusion, is very slow but it allows the latex molecules to structure themselves in a natural configuration, resulting in extremely elastic and flexible tubing.
The latex tubing, after a 3 meter descent and before entering the water tank, goes through crystal molds that shape the tube in the correct inside and outside diameters. The rolls of tubing are then baked in ovens at a set temperature and time, depending on the diameters of the tube. For a consistent baking, warm air is also blown in the inside of the tubing.

Starting 2005, all Omer slings are assembled with a newly designed series of plastic fittings. These fittings, manufactured in Grivory GV5H by EMS, feature an exclusive design, which facilitates screwing and unscrewing, by means of a plastic wrench, sold separately. In addition all fittings are branded OMER for easy recognition. 

Assembly of the Slings
The rolls of tubing are cut to the desired length then assembled with plastic or stainless steel threads. The threads are maintained in position thanks to a metal sphere inserted in the hollow of the tubing.
After the assembly process, each sling is pulled by hand to ensure the spheres are positioned correctly and working properly on the threads. The excessive latex at the edge of the sling is then grinded away.
The slings are cleaned with an air pistol and cleaned with silicone oil. They are then selected to be paired in units with exactly the same lengths, to avoid pairs with slightly different dimensions, which would result in a defective assembly of the wishbones on the spear guns.

All Omer latex slings are manufactured with the same top quality natural latex and they are available in four different dimension.
The outside diameter and the diameter of the inside hole, have been set to optimise the kinetic energy and loading effort. The result is a wide range of slings covering all the different needs.


  OUTER INNER AV.(m/s) MAX (m/s)
POWER 20/16 20.0 mm 6.0 mm 30.20 31.60 149.119 74 Kg
DYNAMIC 20 20.0 mm 6.0 mm 30.20 31.60 149.119 74 Kg
POWER 18 18.0 mm 4.0 mm 30.16 32.55 148.784 66 Kg
TOP ENERGY 16 16.5 mm 4.0 mm 27.71 29.38 125.543 62 Kg
ENERGY 16 16.0 mm 4.0 mm 26.98 30/07/11 119.015 57 Kg

Values for velocity expressed in meters per second. Kinetic Energy refers to overall power.
Loading effort means the effort required to load the gun to the hardest spear notch.

  • For rifle: Up to 130 cm
  • Gum Model: Paralel Gums
  • Gum color: Black Color
  • Assembled with: Caps for threaded shell
  • Measurement model: Manufacturer measures
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