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Salvimar Online authorized dealer

100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Spear without shark fins. With Torsion system for better penetration. Available in 6,5 and 7.00mm


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The patented Torsion2 system resulted from long studies and numerous tests. The project transpired from an ingenious idea by Ivan Barella and it has been developed in order to create an innovative product which in turn will improve the hydrodynamic characteristics and consequently the performance of the “Tahitian” shaft. The system came to light due to the support and expertise of Massimo Quattrone an experienced professional diver. Numerous tests were also carried out in the field before the final product came to fruition.

Characteristics of the Torsion2 system:

- The Hydrodynamic shape has been improved, there are no protruding particles that can create friction. The system allows very fast shots. The section does not exceed 8 mm in diameter which is 1.5 mm less than the traditional system.

- Incredible penetration

- Precision is guaranteed by the floating system and the shaft profile is not altered

- Retention is guaranteed by a 1.2 mm thickness strength barb. It rotates 360 degrees around the shaft and flows on it for about 60 mm.

- Small penetration holes on the fish due to the fact there are no protruding particles.

- Strength. The lack of classical cross holes on the shaft, normally used to assemble the pin, provides an incredible strength to the shaft in its critical point.

The Torsion2 system can be easily replaced. Heat the cone part until a temperature of 200 degrees and the glue used in assembly will begin to soften, at this point you can easily remove the cone.

Once replaced the barb and the cone can be secured by the using the special glue.

Shaft with Torsion2 system. Stainless steel 174Ph Torsion2 system: penetration, speed, precision and robustness for great performances. PATENTED

Material: 174Ph stainless steel. After the thermic treatment it assumes a burnished color. Material with excellent mechanical charateristics, often used in naval and aerospace applications

  • For rifles: Rifles of gums
  • Spear Material: Inox 174 PH
  • Number of Wings: 1 wing
  • Wing type: Wing from Above
  • Spear type: Arrow without Shark Fins
    SALVIMAR was founded in 1962. It manufactures products specialized for underwater fishing. Rifles, neoprene suits, fins, boots, gloves... Thanks to investments in resources and in the development of products, Salvimar is now one of the largest manufacturers of equipment for underwater fishing. After the last enlargement, the new headquarters occupies an area of over 4,000 square meters where all departments are organized. Ideas and innovation are the engine of SALVIMAR. The working environment, business organization and a close-knit team, allow you to devote many resources for the development of new products. Often, a simple intuition becomes a project that turns into a fantastic new product that will be presented to the public after months. Another great resource of SALVIMAR is the ability to be able to control the production process in all stages:-design, starting from innovative ideas and demands of the market. -The search for the best materials, backed by extensive experience in the field of mechanical engineering and plastics. -Availability of a Department of highly efficient production, which consists of machines of last generation technology tools and equipment. -The realization of prototypes that are all changes to improve performance and aesthetics. -Laboratory tests, followed by tests in the field by our experts and athletes: a winning combination can make changes quickly and achieve excellent results in a short time. -The production, composed almost exclusively within the company, with strong know-how acquired in all phases of the project, provides a world class product
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