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Futuristic fins with medium foot pocket, striking nerve and a great propulsive performance



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Futuristic fins, deriving from professional models Cressi apnea, which introduces the field of foot fins of medium length the use of reactive materials especially characteristic of the professional range.
The result is a fin of moderate dimensions, striking a nerve and a great propulsive performance.

Main body of polypropylene, a material inherited from the fins of apnea"s main characteristic is the very rapid transmission of the applied energy and great structural rigidity.
It applies to the upper and inner side of the sandwich of the sole.
It is very nervous and reactive and provides a very flexible and effective flutter.
Has a ratio effort / performance clearly superior to rubber (natural or thermoplastic), polyurethane or EVA
It also has a breaking strength to the point that Cressi lifetime guarantee it for sports.

Elastomer flexible foot pocket and is applied to areas (toe of the foot pocket, inside of the sole and instep area in contact with the ankle) that require flexibility and elasticity, as they affect the comfort of the diver.
Is also assigned to the areas requiring slip resistance (with inserts in the sole) and Anti shock (such as lateral veins of the blade).
The merger of both materials is done at the molecular level and its robustness is guaranteed for life for sport.

Design "foot pocket under the blade" blade arises directly from the top of the shoe, firmly attaching the fin to the foot and transmitting all the effort generated by flapping, without loss of energy through soft spots.
This format allows you to channel water from the same ankle to the trailing edge of the blade, unlike traditional models, in which the foot pocket has no input whatsoever on the progress.
Apart from improving the directionality of flutter, this design provides a performance between 10% and 15% higher than would correspond to the fin surface by shovel.

Longitudinal section "spina di pesce": this is inherited from the fins of apnea, implies that the blade has a thickness decreasing as it approaches the tip.
Thus, the recovery of tonnage, which induces the fin flutter, has an effect "whip" to recover the blade.
In addition, it makes the bending of the fin is much more progressive, improving the directionality of flutter.

The space inside the shoe is extremely anatomically as it has been carefully designed by computer using thousands of measurements for anatomically suitable set volumes.
It guarantees excellent power transmission leg / foot / paddle.
The resulting cocktail is a formidable product that allows a flutter easy, effective and powerful.
Pro Star fin foot pocket the most powerful of the Cressi range (except for specific models for deep apnea) and represents an excellent choice for snorkeling, apnea amateur level, diving light without booties with outer soles and underwater hockey.





Blade length

Weight (1 fin)


61 cm

20 cm

8 cm

35,5 cm

560 gr


65,5 cm

21 cm

8,5 cm

36,5 cm

610 gr


65,5 cm

21 cm

8,5 cm

37,5 cm

645 gr


67 cm

22 cm

9 cm

38,5 cm

705 gr


69 cm

22 cm

9 cm

39 cm

770 gr


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  • Foot Pocket: Fixed Foot Pocket
  • Fins Color: Black Color
  • Fins Long: Short fins
  • Hardness: Medium
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