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Spitfire mimetic fins by Sporasub. With parts with 40sh and others with 90sh for more performance and confortable fins



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New fin with foot pockets made from thermo-rubber with two different hardness in order to combine the best in comfort and performance.
The green parts have a stiffness of just 40 sh, offering a soft and comfortable contact with the ankle and toes.
The black parts have a stiffness of 90 sh, able to transmit power from the leg to the blade without dispersion.
The Spitfire also features anti slip patterns on the heel.
The detachable blade is made from low-modular polypropylene and has 2 water rails to eliminate skidding and greatly improve performance.
The intermediate hardness of the blade suits all fishing styles.
Foot pocket available in 5 sizes from 39/40, up to 47/48.



Materials of the highest quality of SPORASUB SPITFIRE MIMETIC FINS guarantee you a high resistance and reliability, recommend them to Spearfishing

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  • Foot Pocket: Modular Foot Pocket
  • Fins Color: Color Camouflage
  • Fins Long: Long fins
  • Hardness: Various hardnesses
    Sporasub is one of the historic brands of underwater fishing. Since the dawn of this sport, Sporasub products have always been present. The logo with the double fish, has in the memory of the fishermen with longer experience of the world, a great emotional value. Born in France, known around the world, Sporasub brand has lived in recent years various changes in ownership with different fortunes. The brand has been all too often improperly using its products that did not deserve it, even products for diving bottles. The same logo has been often modified and corrected. Today, restarts, or better is part of what we believe will be year zero. Sporasub products are born to be instruments at the forefront in the hands of the most demanding fishermen. And now, finally, it comes to given the opportunity this brand of reborn with a new line of high quality products, designed, made and placed on the verge as being top of the category. Sporasub product in this catalog is characterized by its exclusivity. Each product has been designed to be unique in its genre. The same return of the "old" logo is not casual, is indicative of our firm intention to repeat the historical success of this brand.
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SPORASUB SPITFIRE MIMETIC FINS: Color - Mimetic, Size - 47/48, Hardness - Medium 2 -5.5%
SPORASUB SPITFIRE MIMETIC FINS: Color - Mimetic, Size - 45/46, Hardness - Medium 2 -5.5%
SPORASUB SPITFIRE MIMETIC FINS: Color - Mimetic, Size - 43/44, Hardness - Medium 2 -5.5%
SPORASUB SPITFIRE MIMETIC FINS: Color - Mimetic, Size - 41/42, Hardness - Medium 2 -5.5%
SPORASUB SPITFIRE MIMETIC FINS: Color - Mimetic, Size - 39/41, Hardness - Medium 2 -5.5%

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