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100% Manufacturer's Warranty

A succesfull lantern thanks at it"s excellent relation size-benefits-reliability. Reinforced body and 8 hours of autonomy.



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This successful model has built a reputation for its excellent performance - size - reliability. Its technology enables its performance in an amazing way during his long autonomy. Its size and type of beam make it very versatile for diving (even as a main light source at night ) , spear fishing or nautical use in general. The combination of nylon reinforced with stainless steel head and the aesthetically stands for quality manufacturing radically from other similar products.
Technical characteristics:
 • Led Create 5000 º Kelvin . The color temperature is calibrated to be kept in a neutral white tone avoiding the tendency of most LED lanterns to tender to cold blue ranges that distort the actual color of the seabed and scare away the fish.
 • Body reinforced nylon head and stainless steel AISI316
 • Parable reflective ultra concentrated (6th) with Advanced Focus System (patent Led Lenser ) fail the luminous flux emitted by the LED beam optimally .
 • Luminous flux 150 lumens home .
 • Cash at Lux Luminous Flux (a 1mt ) : 9000 Lux
 • Fall of contiuous luminous flux in 1 hour  30 %
 • Autonomy continuous 8 hours and 50 hours in batch .
 • Magnetic switch with rotating magnets isolated marine environment by plastic welded the two pieces.
 • 4 AA batteries high quality developed specifically for this flashlight ( supplied as standard and are also available as spares ) . 20% improve light output and reduce the voltage drop in long use against best market batteries .
 • semi elastic binding sealingly wrist lock and safety strap binding by calibrated 20kg breaking strain webbing .
 • 160mm long and 220g weight
 • Copper In Color

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  • Lighting: Led
  • Power: Swivel Power
  • Type flashlight: Mini Flashlight
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