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Extraordinarily appealing look, absolutely unequalled performance, here are the new Lumen X6, the result of all the Technisub experience in the fie



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Extraordinarily appealing look, absolutely unequalled performance, here are the new Lumen X6, the result of all the Technisub experience in the field of underwater lighting.
Characterized by a unique and innovative design, Lumen X6 have the torch body partially rubberised to make the grip easier and to guarantee a more solid and secure grip. Designed to be housed in the BCD pocket, they can be switched on and off with one hand, thanks to the new slide switch that allows immediate use without losing your grip even when wearing gloves. The high-pressure halogen gas bulbs ensure a powerful and concentrated band of very white light that makes it possible to light up fissures and recesses with no problems. Lumen X6 come with a Multimirror reflector that, thanks to the greater surface area, guarantees maximum luminous yield and perfectly uniform distribution. The battery compartment has been completely redesigned to allow easy insertion without having to touch the bulb; you just need to insert the batteries, respecting the correct polarity. The considerable power in extremely small dimensions and the high autonomy make Lumen X6 the perfect light for backup use, but also to use during night dives in tropical seas.

Body: Thermoplastic

Batteries: 4 batteries type C

Lumen: 130

Duration: 6 hours aprox.

Diameter: 60mm

Dimensions: 225mm

Frontal: Thermoplastic

Reflector: Thermoplastic

Switch: Mechanique

Operational depht: 120m

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    TECHNISUB is an Italian manufacturer of diving equipment. The company's name is derived from "underwater technology." The current President is Paul Ferraro, son of the founder Luigi Ferraro. The TECHNISUB was founded October 13 1962 by Luigi Ferraro in Genoa, with his son Italo Ferraro, Carlos Reinberg and Paul Roger. In 1969 sponsored expedition to the underwater caves of Capo Caccia, during which was obtained a record of 310 meters from via siphon. In 2011 acquires TECHNISUB White Manufacturing Ltd., an American born in 1956, the leader of the industry in dry suits the Techisub produces equipment for diving, including: fins, masks, ventilators, BCD, tanks, wet suits, gloves, boots, flashlights, knives, bracelets, belts, markers and buoys.
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