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Polypropylene monofin. Shoe: 39/43. Large: 542mm. Color: Clear


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Monofins first appeared in 1972 and have been used for finswimming competitions eversince.
These fins are now being used in sea, lakes, surface swimming, apnea and freediving.
Designed to be used by men and women of all ages.
The Monofin take is inspiration from the natural movement of marine animals.

Latest generation Polypropylene blade, flexible and resistant material, generating an elastic effect.
The streamlined nature of the blade distributes the forces across its surface whilst enabling the water to easily run off.
Polypropylene stiffeners with side reinforcement.
Elastomere Soft open heel design.

 • Shoe: 39/43
 • Large: 542mm
 • Color: Clear


  • Foot Pocket: Footpocket Monofin
  • Fins Color: Various colors
  • Fins Long: Medium-sized fins
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