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The Weight Gilet is part of the ?Inshore Hunting Line? by Marco Bardi. It has been entirely designed, developed and tested by Marco.

The idea of applying extra weight on the back and other parts of the hunter?s body comes from the need of obtaining a better balance during the dives. A hunter who dives inshore with a lot of weight just on the belt will have a negative force pulling him down from the waist, causing him to assume the classic ?U? position. To stay in a firm position on the bottom, the hunter will need to use some force, to hold down the body upper part, using muscles, and consequently consuming more oxygen, which is always inefficient while hunting.

Omersub Weight Gilet is derived from the old back weight systems, which featured a system of belts and a large piece of lead positioned on the back. These systems were all extremely uncomfortable. Comfort and safety were the two major concerns when we have started developing this product.

The Gilet is manufactured with Nylon jersey double lined 3mm neoprene, with elastic bindings. It is camouflage coloured on the outside and black on the inside. It features 6 weight pockets, which can carry 1 or 2kg weights. 4 pockets are positioned on the back and 2 pockets in front on the sides. These 2 pockets are accessible at any time, allowing the hunter to adjust the weight even while in the water. The hunter can carry from 2 to 12Kgs of weight.

The Gilet can be used with or without a standard weight belt. In case of use of a weight belt, it is advisable to use the belt on top of the Gilet. The Gilet features three straps in front and two straps positioned on the shoulders. By adjusting these straps, the Gilet will fit all sizes. Two useful Nylon D rings have also been added to carry small accessories.

Technical features
Sizes XS, S, M
Colour Camouflage
Interior Bicovered
Thickness 3 mm
Type Vest
Protections no
Zips No
Hood No


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